Not digging electrolysis so far

I have been treating my lower legs for about one month now. I STILL have the red scabs on my legs. The electrologist says that she is more concerned with the hair staying away then the red bumps, which she says will go away in time. Now, I read many places that the bumps go away in a few days… I have gone so far once a week for 4 weeks and I still have bumps from the first week! This is very upsetting, and I am wondering if I should stop treatment. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

The first piece of advise we all give here is to get as many consultations and sample treatments as you can before settling on a practitioner.

I think that if you have not been to as many as you can make an appointment with in your area, now is the time to make sure that you do.

The bumps now are starting to ease up, prob due to me putting on Witch Hazel a few times a day and triple antibiotic at night.

Would you say shaving them would nbe bad or ok? I was wondering if it is on the top, maybe a razor would easily remove them. I am new to this.

You don’t want to shave the treated area until at least a day, but better 3 days after treatment. I would not attempt to remove the bumps by shaving them off either. You may get faster healing if you add, or switch to Tea Tree Oil over night, and Aloe Vera during the day.

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I had my legs “electrolosized” 30 years ago. I had the same thing you described for several weeks at least, hard to remember exactly how long because of the time that has passed, but I do remember feeling the concern you do. All cleared up and my skin looked great and still does. No sign of treatment anywhere. That was a time when there wasn’t state of the art probes and epilators and other equipment that makes for better treatments today. You may be able to find someone who can kill the hair without leaving tell-tale skin evidence. On the other hand, if your’re happy with all the other things your practioner has going on, you can stick with her/him and communicate about the bumps and see if she/he will make adjustments on the epilator. Maybe that will help or perhaps this is your particular healing scenario.

The lower body can heal much differently than the upper body because your’re blood circulation may be less on the lower extremities as oppossed to your face.


Thank you both for responding.

I am happy to report the bumps are clearing more now. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

Glad to hear it.

Your electrologist should have told you that what ever your reaction to the first treatment, that is the worst it will ever be.

The first clearance is the worst. Subsequent treatment there are fewer and thinner hairs spread farther apart, so there is less irritation.

Good Luck