Not completing one area of face before moving on?

Since I’m a young woman with significant facial hair, it’s been very difficult for me not to shave for the 36-48 hours before appointments, but I’ve done it (and completely stopped plucking a few weeks ago). However, my electrologist seems committed to “skipping around” on my face as we work to a full clearance. I’m almost 2 hours into treatment now and we’ve cleared a small portion of each cheek. My question is, doesn’t it make more sense to work on clearing the left side of my face/neck, then move on to the chin/middle neck, then finally clear the right side of face/neck? I think she thinks skipping around will prevent irritation (of which I’ve had VERY little). But it doesn’t seem to make sense to me, and it would certainly be easier to shave/not shave if we concentrated on one area at a time. Thoughts?

Two comments…

Yes, all of my electrologists have preferred to keep my hair removal symmetrical. She will divide her time between both sides, whether working bikini, underarms or face. I think it is just reasonable to keep the reduction looking more natural since an uneven appearance could attract more attention from those who see you. It also reflects upon the professional’s work, so they DO have an interest in it, but you can request that work be done on only one side or area if you truly prefer.

Also, especially for my face, each new electrologist has wanted to initially just do a short (e.g. 15 minute) treatment so that we could judge how my skin reacted. It makes sense, and I am sure that they see clients who are surprised when an hour’s worth of removal has caused a noticeable spot of irritated skin right on their face or neck.

Total clearances are more likely to irritate the skin, so she is probably being extra cautious. Is she taking the thickest, darkest, bluntest hairs?

Many factors go into the decision of how to treat you. If the practitioner was never taught “Full Clearance Strategy” it may be something she has never done. If one doesn’t have certain equipment, it is not as easy to do safely. Lastly, since you are a woman, she would be extra cautious, as while you may SAY that you want the hair gone as fast as possible, she may believe that you would freak out if you had to deal with swelling, yellow crust, and red spots for a week to get the fastest clearance. (Even though after that one week, you would look like you never grew hair again, as she could keep you clear from there, removing hairs before anyone saw them but her.)

I am not saying that the worst case result is an assurance, but it is one of the possible levels of skin irritation based on what kid of hairs you have, and how many of them you have, and how close they are together.

James, my reaction at my first two appointments (1st was 30 min of work, the 2nd was almost 90 minutes) was minimal, with some light red bumping and residual soreness. I’d imagine I would freak a little if I had to deal with crusting, etc. But, that doesn’t explain the “skipping around,” just the intensity, right? Secondly, is “full clearance strategy” considered the most up-to-date, effective action plan for electrolysis? Is this something I should discuss with my practitioner?

Clearing will come with time, if you can sit through a marathon session 6+ hrs then go for it, but it will cause irritation. Although you have said that your skin reacts well, sitting and getting worked on for that long will do some damage.
Speaking from experience I just had it done. I was wondering, how long does it usually take for the scabs to disappear?
Should I avoid putting make-up on the affected areas for days, weeks?
The scabs are predominately on my forehead, is this common?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Tea Tree Oil applied overnight usually keeps this from happening, or heals it overnight. You should not wear makeup for at least 24 - 72 hours.

Thanks! I’ve been using a combination of tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol (70%) it seems to calm the skin down, and in the morning I washed my face with spectro gel =) All is well, but the scabs are still present. Hopefully by the end of this week they’ll be gone!

Desperate - try using the best quality of aloe vera gel you can buy and ditch the alcohol and use witch hazel. See how this works. Talk to your electrologist as well.


We did 90 minutes on my chin today. Good gracious, I’m one hairy broad because getting to full clearance is certainly taking a while. I am the slightest bit swollen for the first time. I thought I might be because the chin area is where I did the most tweezing and the hairs were definitely coarser. I’m definitely going to be hitting the witch hazel/tea tree for the next couple of days- I didn’t have any residual scabbing for session 1 or 2, so we’ll see.
I can’t recommend the hazel/tea tree combo highly enough- it really seems to work!