Not certain and scammed alot

Hey all, this is my first post. I stumbled on this site when I came to the conclusion that I want to remove my body hair which is ALOT! Im a male, and have been trying that Ultimate Hair Away which hairfacts have stamped as a scam for a couple of days now, and since this site tells me it wont work, I have lost motivation in using UHA (yeah, by ubermed). Now I was wondering if there are guys out there who have or had trouble with alot of body hair on their chest, back and legs, and removed them all with this popular One Touch device (or other devices)?

I am a medical student, I know alot of anatomy and working with skin and flesh. And if there is knowledge I lack, I feel I can easily read a fat textbook about the subject if it helps me. But I am not certain if Im willing to pay money again for a product that might not work. If there are any guys who have or had experience in this matter with One Touch or a other devices, it would be nice to hear how long it took/takes and so on. I have ALOT of hair and Im physically well fit, I have someone who can help me with my back or other places I cant reach, and I dont have the cash to go visit a specialist. I have brown tanned skin with black hair. Thank you

Removing a lot of body hair is extremely difficult with a One Touch. You cannot use it on your own back. certain parts of your legs are almost impossible to reach, too. Chest is a little easier, but that skin is especially sensitive and prone to damage if you do it wrong.

If you want to remove all of it, I suggest looking into waxing professionally as a first-time option, then consider that or other options as you get regrowth.

For a lot of body hair to be permanently removed, I recommend looking into the professional options.

Hey Harry

I had lots of body hair about 2 years ago but started getting laser hair removal and then electrolysis and am nearing my goal of being mostly hair free.

I do use the One Touch but only for the pubic/genital area as it is difficult if not impossible to find an electrolysist near me who will work on that specific part of the male anatomy. You are lucky in this regard if you have a partner who can help you as it is quite difficult to hold properly and see the insertion point well. It is litteraly back breaking work, oh and did I mention slow <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

The One Touch does work but it is cheaply made, slow and near useless if you have small diameter follicles. You will also find that the battery system sucks for long term use and most dedicated users will end up modifying their units to use an AC - DC Converter ( [color:“red”] [/color] Please only do this if you know what you are doing) [color:“black”] [/color]as well as removing most of the probe guard to expose enough of the probe for the deeper follicles.

Options in the short term if you are interested in what hair free feels like are using a rotary epilator or getting waxed. I was not comfortable at the thought of getting waxed in a salon so I went the rotary epilator route with good sucess. The first few times it hurts like a bugger and the machines do not hold up well to plucking lots of male type hairs. Be forewarned that epilating or waxing will have to be stopped a few months prior to getting any laser done if you want to have the most effective treatments from the start. Basically that will give your hairs time to regrow.

Hope this answers some of your questions but feel free to ask more.


Thnx Andrea

Thnx Balius, so basically, If I were to remove all the hair from my chest for example with one touch, which is a great deal, I would be lookin at self-streatment which lasts for several years? I have a great deal of time here and there, but I was wondering how long it takes to just “zap a hair” and remove it, so that I can get some view on the time-lenght (say that I have gotten the hang of it). And do you have litterature or books that I can read which are good and can teach me the basics? Internet sites or ebooks also, thnx m8

Time per hair, that is a tough one.

It depends on so many variables like the current you can provide through the hair follicle, the size and moisture content.

I will provide you a few of my observations. For me corse hairs take anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes of current before they will release cleanly, though most take just over 1 minute. I find I can do about 30 to 40 hairs an hour.
So you can see if you truly have a hairy chest you are looking at a huge commitment in time to self clear. It is possible and all the power to you if you can have this level of committment.

As for books on techniques others have posted names but I can not remember them off hand. In reality since the one touch is such a slow machine you can safely (but be observant) experiment on yourself and get quite proficient at using it in a matter of a few short sessions over a day or two. You will feel increasing and significant pain long before you could do any permenant damage to your skin.
A bit of advise pre-clean any areas your are going to work on as well as the one touch itself and other equipment like tweezers with rubbing alchohol to keep the chances of infections developing in treated follicles down to a minimum. Also do not reuse the salt water you make. Salt and water are both cheap commodities so use a clean bowl, water and salt to make the salt water at the beginning of each session.


If you insist on not going to a pro then do it right. (or at least as good as you can get without going to a pro)

You have a partner, you have the willingnexx to read and learn together, and you have a large area to work on.

Why not go all out and get a pro machine (see ligitimate electrolysis machines on Ebay) and buy the books we listed (The Blend by Michael Bono and Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis by Meharg and Richards)

Your investment will be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to one thousand dollars, but you will take your treatment time per hair down from minutes per hair to seconds per hair. If you really get good, you will be able to have your partner work on you in thermolysis and get treatments in one second per hair.

After saying all that, I still have to say that seeing a pro is your best option. Even a pro machine won’t make you as fast as a good pro. Most people find that they make out better using their hair removal time for a second job and putting the money to some long electrology treatments. The combined job plus electrolysis time comes out to be equal or less to what you would have spent trying to do yourself.

Ditto what James said, and this from a very experienced do-it-yourselfer. Do-It-Yourself works at either end of the hair spectrum: Just a couple of hairs here and there and you tolerate several minutes per hair epilation times, or a whole bunch and you are committed to climbing a long learning curve and spending a fair amount of money (about $1500) on equipment and supplies.

Andrea, maybe there should be a “sticky” thread which includes various folks’ responses about who should attempt DIY electrolysis.