Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!

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Laser and IPL only work on coarse dense hair. Your growth doesn’t sound suitable.

You need electrolysis only.

Please make sure to do your research on this site in order to find a good electrologist. Have consultations and sample treatments and then pick the best one.

Look for someone using a newer epilator if possible, like Apilus. When you go for a sample treatment, make sure the hair is slides out without resistance after being zapped.

Both laser and electrolysis work well in good hands and on the right type of hair.

What does pitting even look like? I couldn’t find any pictures on the internet…

This is what [size:17pt][color:#FF6666]SEVERE ACNE PITTING[/color][/size] can look like:
This image belongs to the article Acne Pitting:

That is a very extreme example of facial pitting . Electrolysis pitting is nothing like this. It rarely happens if skill and care is involved. In fact, if there is any skin pitting with improper electrolysis care it usually gets better with time. If it doesn’t, there are options available to smooth out the skin.

Josefa, James or Beate may have some pictures of electrolysis pitting that they can share???


I ditto LAgirl above. Electro is only option. Hunt around cautiously, do small test patches to find a good therapist using, preferably, an Apilus Platinum. Travel if you have to.

I have ginger from dark ginger to blonde (am male).

I wasted many many thousands of dollars on laser and IPL - hoping they might work. Alexandrite laser at maximum setings led to finer re-growth (on my coarse chest hair) ie. they stil grow just finer and shorter.

I’ve had tons of electro this year (tested 12 therapists) and am finally getting great results on areas ranging from finer hairs on hands and knuckcles to very coarse beard hairs.

I did at first have major skin problems (in-growns and big cysts) with the part-timers (beauticians) doing thermo on antiquated machines so be very wary of those people. Find a dedicated (full-time) and experienced electro therapist. Travel if you have to! I travel to another city for it.

with best wishes, R.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’m going to go and have some electrolysis consultations and really do my research before I go to make sure I find an experienced electrologist. Its quite difficult here in the UK as most seem to be beauty therapists rather than full time electrologists but I’m sure there’s someone out there. Really glad I found this site. Thanks again.

I would recommend that you go to the British Institute and Associaton of Electrolysis website. There are 6 BIAE regeistered members in manchester.

Thanks for the recommendation Mary. There’s one right near where I live. That’s great :slight_smile: