um, hi :smile: is it possible to do electrolysis on your nose? yes, hair grows on my nose and I’ll do anything to get rid of it (as long as it doesn’t cost me thousands$$$) … help? thanks.


I have removed nose hair many times. You are not alone. You may as well get this done by a professional as it will be quick, and not very expensive. I would suggest a blend operator, as the area is so small, you can afford to do it that way and get the best bang for the buck. You will probably need only 15 mins per session, and will be seeing your practitioner very infrequently.


hehe, i got my nose done about 2 weeks ago professionally

professionalls are needed for some areas and the nose is one of them!

cost me 22$ there were only like 5 hairs on there… but i did some strayin eyebrow hair to