Nose Hairs

Does anyone elses eyes water when they pluck their nose hairs?

Yes sir. It’s a very sensitive area

Very sensitive! Whatever you do, don’t try electrolysis or laser there!!! It will bring tears to your eyes and bring you to your knees! I know, I tried both on just the little hairs that are hard as heck to shave up under the nose. It wasn’t even in the nose.

Yes plucking them can make your eyes water. The same can be said of the hairs just under the nose on the upper lip.I’ve done electrolysis in this area ( blend too) and while it is uncomfortable, I wouldnt say its a "dont do it " either. It can be done, yes your eyes will water, but that is a more involuntary reaction. If you can withstand the discomfort it can be done.

I once believed it shouldnt be done INSIDE the nostril itself, but I’ve been informed by the pro’s here that doing electrolysis in this area isnt an inherent risk.The biggest limiting factor appears to be being able to see and access the hair follicle to provide treatment.

I recall Beate relating some of her experiences with electrolysis in this area also. Sometimes a girl has to do, what a girl has to do!