nose hair trimmer

hi, can anyone recommend a good nose hair trimmer?
is this one any good?

That’s a good trimmer but IMHO it’s a little big for use in the nose. It is hard to maneuver in there with it. No harm in trying it. Be sure and clean it with alcolhol before using it there.

Another one you may want to consider:

Remington Nose Hair Trimmer

And another one:

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer

IMHO the rotary trimmers work best in the nose.

There are many variations of the above trimmers and they can often be found cheaper.

From your link I assume you are in the UK. You can also check local discount stores. In the US they would have cheaper nose hair trimmers than the ones listed above, but would work just as well. They would carry those at Walmart here.