Nose and Ears

I am a 20 years old male. Its all began about 3 years ago, when this little white hair began to grow all around my face. I didnt know then that it is very normal and I became very nervous about that, so I began to pluck the thin-white hair on my nose. I didnt know that I should not do that and the hair on the nose became thicker and darker.
Also later i discovered a hair on my ears, which was white but a bit thick. I used scissors to make it less noticable but it seems that it made the situation worser. I was in a depression because of this about 1 year, thinking about suicide and wondering how my life just turned up side down in just a month.
Later, after a big stress, I got used to it (what could I do?), but still every day I wake up thinking about this and every day I think only about this.
3 years ago I was a happy guy with lots of friends - today I am the lonely wolf, avoiding people, trying to be unoticable, feeling bad about my self and thinking how a stupid thing like that can have such bad psychologically effect on a human.
I researched a lot of ways but it seems that today there is no 100% way to solve this problem unless I want to risk myself and maybe end with things like scars on my face, a darker and thicker hair or no results at all. Also I dont think there is a chance to remove the hair on my ears, which is blonde, but on the sun it looks like a 70 years old man ears…Why because of some natural thing people are so shy?

So what is left for me? Is our technology so undeveloped that can not even remove a hair for ever? Today cloning is possible, changing the DNA is possible, a mission to mars is possible but removing hair forever is not? And what a 20 years old male should do?? Living on with the same thoughts every day? Or thinking that soon I will get old and end doing nothing in my life except thinking about hair. Then why should I live on? Why I dont just kill myself today so I will stop all that crap, which seems like a one bad dream that keeps going forever, and make my life easier?

Hair on ears and nose are very treatable by electrolysis, even if there is a lot. I had a few stray ear hairs removed, and they never came back.

And the good news is it’s a small area that is commonly worked on, so it should be very affordable. I think there is low risks to getting scars on ears and nose compared to softer areas like the face.

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