Northridge: Electrolysis and Skin Care by Frani

<strong>Electrolysis and Skin Care by Frani</strong><br>
<em>Frani Levinson, RE </em>
<p> 8850 Corbin Ave.<br>
Northridge, CA 91324<br>
(818) 701-7877<br>
<p><B>Office Hours:</B><BR>
Monday Through Saturday: 8AM - 8PM<br>
Rates: <br>
15 minutes - $25; 30 minutes - $40; 1 hour - $60<br>
<em>(2 Hour Session - Special Rate)</em></p>
<P><B>Description of Practice:</B>
[li] California Licensed and State Certified[/li] [li]10 Years in Same Location[/li] [li]Sterile, Disposable Probes Only[/li] [li]Men, Women and Teens[/li] [li]Transgender Welcome[/li] [li]Clinical Esthetician [/li] [li]<strong></strong>Complete Privacy, Completely Confidential [/li] [li]Complimentary Consultation [/li] [li]Gentle Blend, Thermolysis & Post Laser Treatments [/li] [li]Topical Anesthetic Available [/li] [li]Cash, Check, Visa & MasterCard Accepted [/li][/LIST]
<p align=“center”><strong><font size=“4”>Skin Care - Full Face & Full Body
Permanent Makeup - Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Beautymark, Lipliner, <br>
Areola Area (Cosmetic Surgery)</font></strong></p>