Northern Cali Laser Clinics?

Hey ya’ll,

I’m new to the site. Currently receiving electrolysis on the face for lengthy, fine blonde, facial hair. The problem is, I have unnaturally long body hair all over including my butt, arms, back, etc…I had a few questions regarding laser since it’s success is so controversial. First, does anybody have any experience with laser in the northern CA area? Somewhere around Redding, CA?

Are blonde, light, long hairs treatable with laser? I would do electrolysis, but it seems like that would take ten years or longer. I’m not willing to spend THAT much time and money, it’s just not a reality for me.

About the bikini area, I would like to do a modified Brazilian, and the hair is courser and much thicker in that area. My skin is a light olive color. What I be a good candidate? How many treatments should I have before I can judge if it is working/will work for me?

Thanks ya’ll.

Laser success is not controversial if everything is done correctly and on the right hair type.

No, blonde hairs cannot be treated. Length of hair is irrelevant. Laser ONLY works on DARK COARSE growth. If it’s not both dark and coarse, your only permanent option is electrolysis.

Electrolysis shouldn’t be taking 10 years. If you find a good electrologist using flash thermolysis, they can remove 5-10 hairs per minute easily. So you can go in for long appts once a month to clear all the hair and should be done in 12-18 months.