Norfolk: Vivian Orgel Electrolysis

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About Vivian Orgel, founder of “The Orgel Method”

From New York to Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, and Norfolk Virginia


Vivian Orgel is the former Director of Electrology at New York Cities Bloomingdales

her interviews include: Self, Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Seventeen, Essence, TV and other media.

Get Results in Half the Time, with the IB PROBE. Trained with this technology Vivian offers you accelerated results because the probe is insulated everywhere but the tip so more heat can be directed to the area that needs to be treated rather than all the skin.

Vivian Orgel’s work and research provides preventative, holistic cures, causes, and solutions to our most pressing beauty and grooming concerns. Her philosophies stress better health through education, and consumer safety. As an educator, Vivian Orgel integrates her professional expertise in the areas of hair growth and its safe removal and skin care with extensive research and interviews with world-renowned medical and beauty experts.

Ms. Orgel is cited for advancing consumer focus on stress as one of the underlying, causal links to excessive hair growth. She taught the author of The New York Times article that laser doesn’t work for every hair color, isn’t always safe, and many people never see results. Her articles about skin safety and what causes skin damage with any hair removal method besides a poor technique appear in the prestigious Dermascope Magazine: The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, whose readership are schools, allied health professionals, and medical practices.

Expert advice: What others can’t or won’t tell you. You will get answers and aesthetic insights under Vivian Orgel’s care for your personal needs without an additional fee.

For those who care about skin safety and fast, effective results. Thousands of clients treated successfully, including medical and professional clientele.

In New York in a medical office on Broadway at 33rd Street: 212-563-2966

In Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads Virginia: 757-630-2540