I wanted to alert you all to a consumer site with info on home electrolysis: website

The author has had success and might be a motivator for those of you who think you have the patience for this tricky (but by no means impossible) task!


Andrea, I have a question! Or anyone else who has recently purchased the One Touch. I have been trying to find a replacement for mine at a drug store locally with no luck. I decided to call Inverness (as they had a phone number on the orginal instructions) and see if they had a list of local retailers. I got a surprising answer, they stopped making the One Touch five years ago!! Is a different company making the same product now?? I was wondering if Inverness had to stop making it, and if so why. I have come across a letter from the Dept. of Health and Human Services to Inverness stating various rules they were not complying with ( If a new company is making the One Touch now, do you know the name?? Thanks for any info you have! :slight_smile:


I believe Inverness was bought up by some other company, they may have just discontinued that product line or sold it off. the product is still available though, most likely left over stock if they have indeed stop making it. carries it.

On the box it says A Styling Technology Co, Fairlawn, NJ. Doesn’t say Inverness anywhere on the box


I too have had an unsucessful search for a one touch. I just got off the phone with a local supply house and they called back east and were told that the On Touch was on back order for some time. Invernes does list a product called a Home Electrolysis Kit and it sells for about $30. What is it? I am looking for a One Touch in Las Vegas.


The One Touch unit I purchased did not have the name Inverness on it. I threw out the box a while back, so I can not verify it, but there are other products at the drugstore from the same company. The one I purchased at is still manufactured. I don’t believe them to be unsafe when used properly. My website explained the problems I had in parts breaking. I am assuming that another company has licensed the One Touch name and is now making them.

However, I would highly suggest putting together your own unit if you still need to do your own electrolysis. I bought a Uniprobe stylus and some 0.003 needles (3m) , hooked it up to a 12V battery, a $2 poetentiometer (50k should do) from Radio Shack, and a switch that I can operate with my foot.


Hairfacts: One Touch purchasing info

One Touch is currently made by American International Industries (AII)

AII website

You can get them from Folica as no hair mentioned, and one of our readers (Maurice) sells them:

Mars Industries website

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Thank you everyone for your input! I am so glad I found this site! :slight_smile: