NoFate [Treatment #2]

Well today was my first treatment.
I am not satisfied at all. I felt almost every hair tweezed! In the first treatment it was not so at all. We used Blend with Galvanic.
I dont know the reason for this but I thought of what it might be:

  1. On the first treatment it was very hot outside and I came to the treatment all sweating, and then the hair was removed very good. The Electrologist said that I have very good skin with lots of salt in it (maybe that because I was Sweaty?) Today i was not sweaty. Should I take a run before every treatment now? :angry:

  2. That thing which I hold every treatment in my hand to make the circuit was dry or almost dry today, but it supposed to be wet isnt it? On the first treatment it was more wet than today…

And all the feeling of the treatment was VERY different then in the first one.
The Electrologist seems to be a nice person, but that doesnt matter to me as long as I just spend money on tweezing.
I told the Doc that it was not good today and I did feel the hair tweezed and the Electrologist said that it can depened on the weather, what I eat and even my todays feeling (if i had stress or not) but that sounds silly to me - if its so, then removing hair is really hard - should I go and watch Comedy movie every time before the treatment now? :angry:
Anyway I was so mad after the treatment and I decided that on the next treatment I go there, and tell everything what i think about todays treatment and that he must try better!
rrrr Good business this all hair removing stuff, which is not controlled by anyone in any way … Perhaps I should also tweez hair for money? :angry:
Sorry to be so mad but that how I feel right now - but notice how despite all I didnt used BAD WORDS? :roll_eyes:

One thing that will help a lot is to drink LOTS of water the day before and the day of your treatment. I’m talking litres of water here - drinking pretty much all day long. I get treated in the afternoon just so I can continue to drink lots of water prior to my appt. I stop an hour before my appointment however, so I can last through my session without having to take a restroom break!

If the hairs don’t just slide out easily, then you are not hydrated enough and/or the settings are not appropriate. If your electrologist continues to work on you in this state, I would consider going to a different practitioner.

A person should drink at least 64 oz. of water every day. Drinking 3 gallons of water the day of an electrology treatment will NOT help you if you don’t make it a practice of drinking enough water in the first place.

If you have not already done this, the week of your electrolysis treatment, make sure that you drink your half gallon of water every day. Even if you just drink 4 oz of water every hour for 16 hours you will be fine.

Smokers might want to avoid smoking the day of the treatment prior to the appointment. I know, I know, you would need to have the first treatment of the day, but it would help if you didn’t dehydrate yourself with cigs prior to treatment.

You don’t want to drink TOO MUCH water either, because then you would flush out all your electrolytes and loose conductivity as well, so make sure that you also get real citrus either in the form of fruits or fruit juice that day. One needs salt in the system as well, but I hardly need to tell americans to make sure they have salt in their diets. It is bloody hard to aviod having too much salt in an American diet.

And how about washing the treated part before the treatment? I remember washing my face before the treatment with a PH 5.5 soap. Could it be so it washed the salt away or similiar?

You want clean skin before and after treatment. The salt you want is in your body. A human being needs 2,400mg’s of salt every day. Americans probably get at least twice this amount from all the processed foods they eat, but those who actually cook real food have a chance of being low on salt.

So please wash your face prior to treatment, and again after treatment with a MILD cleanser. Nothing with irritants, or scrubbing substances. You want the face clean, not irritated.