NoFate [Treatment #1]

-Treatment #1 - Seeking for responses

I am a male and having a little hair on my cheeks which I want to be removed as I am tired to shave this part every day just to make my beard looking better. We used the Apilus. It was the Galvanic I think (I forgot :confused: ) as he said I have lots of salt in my skin and it is good.

It didnt hurt so much - maybe a little more than a hair tweez.
The Electrologist used something at the begining to open my pores - some “Roller” with a cold kinda Gel thing on it on my both cheeks. Then he started to do it. I DID felt a little “tick” or something like that when the hair came out, i felt it on almost ALL HAIR. I have read here that I supposed to feel nothing but I did feel a tiny - little thingy so I dont know … (is it OK or should i feel NOTHING AT ALL? Need help here!), BUT there where some bigger hairs which I have felt it as tweezing. I have said to him that “it was NOT GOOD” but he answered that the hair was too big - I think he meant that the root was to big, and when the pore is a little smaller, then it feels like tweezing when it comes out. (I have read on this forum similiar things). But it was with a few hairs (4-5) and then, what could I say more? Anyway I hope everything will be good, thought I am very suspicious that some of the hair (5-6) was tweezed. Or maybe not all of the hair can be succesfully treated - I mean the Electrologists are also humans and not machines and sometimes it may be so… Or am I just trying to cool my self down… Well as long as it wont get worser.

Also in the middle of the treatment (I have asked for mirror during the treatment to see the reaction of my skin) I have seen a white spot with tiny point of blood in the middle of it. That is NOT GOOD is it? Now it has disappeared but I have a tiny scab on that place.

Sometimes the Apilus BEEPED but he waited until the second beep and only then took out the needle (we used the lowest setting). Is it OK? Or should he used a higher setting and with only until one beep? On some hairs he tried it more then 2 times (3 times) as far as I know its not supposed to be more then 2 times.

Also I have asked about the “one touch epilator” if it works but he did NOT know about this one, maybe he is just not updated or maybe this means I should change my electrologist?? He used Magnifying Glasses and after the treatment he used some DISINFECTING thing which looked like a light bulb and it sent some kind of an electricity to the treated parts of my faces (he said that because alcohol is not good for the skin , duh). He explained to me what it is and I tried to remember the name written on it but I have forgotten both - probably because I was worried about other things :\ . Also we didnt removed all the hair on that part - some smaller and lighter hairs were leaved there - he asked me if i would like to do them now, but there will be more irritation of the skin, so I said no and we have an appointment in the next week.

-I will write after my every treatment how it was and if it all goes well-

Right after the treatment the skin had redness but it passed away in an hour or so. Now (2.5 Hours later) I have very little redness on my skin. After the treatment I put some Ice for 15 minutes and after about one and half hour (when I got home) put the Aloe Vera Gel (it says on it that its an extract of Aloe Vera).
If you have any questions I will answer them , and if you are Electrologist then please respond to the things written here. Thank you.
P.S. I really couldnt make it shorter :T

Ohh and yes we used Galvanic. Should we use Blend or should we continue with the Galvanic?

Single needle galvanic is a pretty slow, but albeit,an effective way to remove hair and get to that first clearing. Blend would be quicker and just as good. Thermolysis even faster yet. It’s his call, but try to persuade him to use the Blend at the very least.

Yes, indeed, some hairs have bottoms bigger than the pore that it has to slide out of, so that could be the case for those hairs where you felt resistance. We aim to have all hairs slide out easily, but since hair is in all stages of growth, we will meet with those tenacious telogen hairs with hard white bulbs that pop out with some resistance or if we’re really lucky, we will have mostly the easy early anagen hairs that slide out effortlessly. He’s trying to get to know your hair and skin in these beginning sessions. It sounds like he may have needed a little more intensity, but stayed low on purpose for the first time. The white spot could be blanching, however, blanching is usually associated with flash thermolysis. For galvanic treatment like you describe, as the current works in the follicle it creates a froth that looks like beer foam, and sometimes this froth gets under the upper layer of skin to make it look white. Was this just a one time occurence? The tiny part of blood you saw? I’m thinking perhaps the insertion was not accurate.
If you feel the insertion every time followed by a resistant tug on a hair - not good. If this happens only a few times in a treatment, well okay,we’reonly human. A hair should not be treated more than three times. Three zaps is fine and necessary for some hairs, but treatment energy can be adjusted so that one zap will release each hair.

The proceedure he preformed pre-treatment is called anaphoresis. This isn’t done by a lot of electrologists I know, but it certainly isn’t anything that is harmful. It is used by some cosmetologists for facial treatments. As for it’s use in electrolysis, some believe that using anaphoresis helps ‘open the pores’,thus making insertions with the probe into tight follicles easier.

Post treatment, he could use witch hazel or seabreeze or any mild astingent to clean and sooth the skin. I’m aware of the ‘light bulb’ device that he waved over your skin as I have seen it demonstrated in a video I have, but the name escapes me now. If I have time to watch the video, I’ll report back.

The smaller hairs that were left is good. Yes, just wait for next time. He could be more aggressive and strip all the hair, but your face will look like raw meat and you may have to hide away for several days. Two and a half hours with a little redness sounds good. If you get a few pin point scabs, I certainly wouldn’t fret as they heal in a short time and some like to see these tiny scabs because they denote a good treatment .

I think the blend method, along with enough intensity or longer time so the hair slides better would be in your best interest, as long as your skin returns to normal in a day or two or less.

Thank you for the feedback.


Dee thank YOU.
Today my skin looks pretty normal but there are a few white things coming out - i have read here about what is it, but cant find the post now.
One little scab also exist. Well for now seems ok to me. Hope I wont get scars in the next months.
Thank you all again.