No progress, changed providers, want advice

I was seeing a certified electrolysis person (who I may have found the first time I visited this forum) for almost 8? 9? Months every 3-5 weeks for two hours (we eventually moved to an 1:45 and occasionally 90 minutes) per her suggestion for facial hair. I didn’t really see much in terms of results and the office environment… The whole procedure always felt uncomfortable, she was regularly interrupted by phone calls from clients (maybe once a session) runs a tv and wears gloves (but what’s the point if you’re constantly touching other things??? Again… i know I am picky because I work in healthcare and my brain is hardwired for sterile technique). I totally know electrolysis takes a while and is painful (esp galvanic altho she got blend my last session) but even with the numbing cream it sometimes left me feeling terrible (I would be in so much discomfort from the hard seat and having my neck craned back and the pain of the electrolysis itself…oml) after and being in her office was just… Draining.
I ended up booking with the only other practitioner in town and see her once a week now for 15 minutes or so (our first session was an hour and I hadn’t shaved in weeksss).
I’ve seen her maybe four weeks now but I also have read so many stories online about how spa places aren’t as good… She does thermolysis But the experience has been less painful (like… Almost totally relaxed the whole time by comparison). But like… i don’t want to waste my money even more, and there aren’t any other practitioners locally and I just feel so lost and just want the hair gone. How do I even know it’s being done right? Is the stress of not being in a calm room and feeling clean worth it to see a decades long practicer worth it?
I just really need advice and reassurance at this point, or direction.
I also have ehlers danlos and so my skin is funky enough as is (and extremely ingrown and afterwards scarring prone) so this whole thing has just been another nightmare to figure out, especially because in the future I want to do large portions of my body and want a good practicioner.

Sorry this whole thing is a mess btw feel free to ask for clarification I just got off a very long shift and first time here with an account

Can you post some pictures? Before and now?

How do you know if it is being done correctly??? The first four to six months is usually the hardest. Stay on schedule, strive for full clearance every time ( some practitioners won’t do this, so go with what they think is best). If the hair is being pulled out as opposed to sliding out smoothly, then you are obligated to tell the practitioner what you are feeling. A dirty, cluttered or noisy office is not pleasant for the discerning eye or ear of most clients.

This is a process that requires trust from the client. On the practitioner’s part, a thorough initial consultation given verbally and in writing is imperative, followed by ongoing education and reassurance about how the process is going over the several months it takes to complete.

“ … regularly interrupted by phone calls.” Very bad. Your time should be 100% uninterrupted. And, the chatterbox electrologist really slows down the procedure. “Shut up and zap them haars!”

“ … procedure always felt uncomfortable … “ Electrolysis HURTS and all the claims of “it’s just a little pinch” are little more than wishful thinking. I do electrolysis and I HATE IT … HURTS!

“ … discomfort from the hard seat.” There is, as yet, no dedicated electrolysis table for the industry. The table must be able to go up-and-down (worm-drive is best), you must be able to work from both sides of the table; and get your legs fully under the table (not sitting side-saddle). My client right now traveled from another State because his electrologist was unable to work for more than 1-hour because of her sore neck and poorly designed table! Nonsense!

“ehlers danlos” Okay, that’s a tough one indeed and I’m sure you understand the potential ramifications of injury to the skin … as in an electrolysis “micro-burn.” I believe there is a group on-line with this condition and I would direct your questions to those members.

The old image was also while I was on testosterone, I have been off for a year and on birth control and my body hair has also thinned. My newer image (blonde) was also only after a week or two without shaving, whereas the old one was nearly a month.
My old electrologist would do full clearance everytime. The new one doesn’t quite clear everything every time, but it was also hard to tell with the old electrologist because she would apply a heavily tinted moisturizer when she was done.

I should clarify that when I say uncomfortable, I’m not just talking about the pain of electrolysis but the office environment (tv, interruptions, etc) AND the way she would twist my head around esp compared to the new one I see (which I have a pretty high pain tolerance, thanks EDS). I totally expected pain which I definitely have with the new one, but I’m able to like
Make it through the session and don’t need numbing cream for my whole face.
And like, the not constant tv in the background and sighs everytime I would need to adjust to relieve the resulting pain in my neck.
Thankfully I have, but it’s just something I wanted to mention as it does complicate things a bit.
I know it would take a while but it was getting frustrating that it felt like the only thing that shortened sessions if I had shaved the previous week, and that the whole experience was uncomfortable everytime.
Thank you for your responses, I’ve just felt so frustrated.

you look like you’re doing just fine now … good luck