no one wants to do leg :(

i went to see another lady.She told me the first woman was using blend which takes forever.She said it would take around 20hrs to clear one leg.She also said she did not understand why i wanted my lower legs done and she shaves,she reccomened i get my bikini line done instead.I dont want my bikni done i want my legs done first and i dont want just a bikini line i want a full bikini which not alot of electroglists seem to want to do.Im going to keep looking around but from what i can see it dosent look like alot of eletroclogists want to do lower legs./

God, what a frustration! legs is one of the easiest and most rewarding jobs. This is one of the areas that have less risk for skin and in which a practitioner can really enjoy the work. I wonder what the hell they’re thinking.

What is the difference between working in 20 customers for an hour, and work with the same client for 20 hours? :tired:


Legs are flat territory and easy to reach. I’m so sad. I have finished three sets of legs doing PicoFlash thermolysis. A large area can be covered and the client gets so excited as we near the end. Just saw a lady yesterday, who I hadn’t seen in over a year because she was finished. She had less than 20 hairs on each leg. So boring. So sad. It can take as much as 15 hours to clear one leg from the knee down just that first time. The next clearance takes half that time and so on. I’m speaking about doing an average leg of hair, by the way.

Some electrologists don’t like to do long appointments. I don’t like to see people every 15 minutes. That takes more out of me than doing a a whole days worth on one person. So, you have to consider who likes to do what in this business.

Here in Australia, legs are a very popular area to have treated. I think I set a record recently for lower legs, a total first clearance took 20 minutes, she had so little hair that we both reckoned that shaving them was a waste of razers !!! She was not a post LHR case either, that was all the hair she ever had!!

I concur with Dee and Jossie: legs are relatively easy. Nicely, I’ve never had a leg case that required anesthetic of any kind either. However, let me add a “but if.”

“But if” the patient is waxing during the whole electrolysis procedure, that fatally delays the entire course of action. I do anticipate that most women will be shaving during the whole deal … they do … and that also slows down the whole process.

Here’s what I always do with a “shaving case.”

The person comes in with a “few day’s growth” and I zap it off … the leg looks clear. I then have the client gently stroke her skin. YIKES! She feels the “millions” of shaved telogen hairs that I’m unable to treat until they grow-back in anagn (you can’t see ‘em). Works every time; but never enough to get them to stop shaving. Doesn’t stop the year’s worth of “when is this going to be finished … I’ve been coming for ‘10 years’?” (Yeah, it seems like 10 years!)

At best, clients will give me about 3-days growth on the legs (and waiting for just the right instant when they can let the hairs grow out … it’s often many weeks between appointments: going on vacation, new boyfriend, getting a massage, etc.). Still, we “zappers” can work with this if you understand it’s going to take (on average) a good year-and-a-half (or more) to get your legs done. Mostly waiting for hairs to grow in.

Unlike men with untouched back hair, I can never “power through” a leg case … it’s a bunch of short appointments over a long period of time. For this reason, I never take women from out-of-town (leg cases), because what’s the point? In a couple hours all the visible hairs are zapped … now what? Hang-out for weeks, waiting for hairs to show up?

im still having issues finding someone who hasnt tried to talk me out of it.I have decided though that i can never wax again.Just knowing all the pain and the fact that its still going to come back.

Michael for leg cases how long should a ‘shaver’ leave it before an appointment if they are wanting full clearance?
I am wanting my full legs doing but will have to travel far to get this done and am happy to do this but not sure of how many days worth of treatment it will take to get first clearance and how long to leave it post shave.

Hi “Sky,”

To give you an idea … my client from Sweden (male/back) stopped shaving his back 3-months before he got to Santa Barbara. It wasn’t enough time.

About 20% - 30% of the hairs were still too short to treat (in telogen and not “good to grab” and WAY too short for “progressive epilation”).

Still, it was a monumental clearance: my longest ever on the most dense hair I’ve yet encountered (sorta glad he had shaved!)

I don’t know? 4 or 5 months might do it … certainly better than a few weeks. I see some long-legged pants in your future?

Wow, I thought most electrologists would be thrilled to make money off the large areas.