Ok, so this device seems to have been out for about a year now, and is only available in South America. This website has been running for a while, so I am surprised that there has been absolutely no feedback…you would think at least a few people in the U.S. would be able to get a hold of this.

It is already on here as a confirmed scam. Use the search feature.

I searched the forum and found only a few threads, and noticed you were the only one that said it was a scam (unless I am not looking hard enough). I didn’t see any posts from anyone who actually owned one. I think this product is interesting, not because it is ideal, but because of the company that makes it. Radiancy is a fairly large company with a reputation. This seems like it might be similar to what Palomar and Gillette are developing and ultimately what might be a new method of removing hair at home…at least as an alternative to shaving.

The website may make slightly inflated claims, but it does say not to expect anything fantastic.

Why don’t you buy one, and be very careful to use it according to the directions and post a journal here on your experience.

nope…don’t have the money. Was just hoping a few people had tried it already. I am sure it will eventually start to pop up on the board.