I found something about NO! NO!
"The company stated that it wanted to correctly estimate orders for its No! No! hand-sized hair removal device for women, which is currently in the final development stage. No! No! will be directly marketed to consumers, and not to dermatologists or beauty salons. Radiancy stated that it secured an order for 55,000 No! No! devices in late June.
The announcement stated, “Radiancy’s board has determined that in order for these, and potentially additional, positive developments in the company’s business to be reflected in information disclosed to investors, the flotation should be deferred so that it can be based upon an assessment of its order book for No! No! at the time.”

HI hairy bastard
Is the device only going to work on women? will there be one for men?

No, it’s gonna work on men also. In their early news they stated that me aslo can treat their hair.
It’s a hair removal. I dont understand how something that removes hair can work on woman and not on men. hair is hair:)

For some reason I am not holding my breath for this thing.

why is that?
The company that will be selling this would be Radiancy who is well known for their hair removal devices. It’s not some or other scam. This can actually work. The most important thing is to finnaly have something for home use that can cause hair to fall out and retard the hair growth

I understand radiancy is a more reputable company then say, Global Electrolysis Supply, but that doesn’t mean they can’t exaggerate claims. It is my understanding from posts on this forum(and there were some comments made in an article somwhere), that it is not strong enough to be very effective. Who knows they may have something, but for some reason I don’t feel like it is going to be revolutionary. If it is an unbelievable breakthrough, I feel we would have heard more about it, but again, I may be wrong.

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hmmm…They said that during studies women treated by this devcie after five treatments had 40% of the hair killed which means they could never grow back and they also wrote that having these device and ability to treat itself every time make it possible that you will be virtually hair free after long time of using it

do you think they could lie just like that? That a company like radiancy could make a false claims?
Maybe … but I think they don’t want to ruin their reputation.

I am a bit confused as to how a $300 home based device can cause permanent hair reduction and a $100,000 laser being operated by a trained professional cannot.

I have my reservations about this product as well. When is it to be released to the consumer market?

they say early 2005 there is no actual date.

I 'll say that even if this device works as well as Skin Station also manufactured by radiancy It should be effective for long term inhibition of hair growth

Hi Hairybastard:

I looked up “No! No!” and “No! No! Laser Hair Remover” and found nothing.

Do you have a link to the manufacturer’s website so we can be more informed about their product?

I am very interested in reading as much as I can about this new product.



Hi Hairy:

I found it under “Radiancy.”


There isn’t much about it on the web. It was mention coubple of times in news section. That’s all. I contacted president of radiancy and he said that it is going to by available in UK early next year and that is going to treat many hair at once. He didn’t get into much details.

I hope NO! NO! isn’t going to be another OH! NO!

We can only hope.

Junie :slight_smile:

Actually hair isn’t just hair. There is a reason why men and women are tested seperately in clinical trials. There is a significant difference between the two. Off the top of my head I would say that men’s body hair is probably stronger and coarser then women’s, making it more difficult to remove.

One study conducted by Radiancy is promising, but it doesn’t guarantee that by the end of 2004, we will all have a simple device that will eliminate hair effectively. I don’t think laser and electrologist practitioners are sweating a device like this quite yet.

I don’t think Radiancy is lying about their results. But I do think they can inflate their results to fit with their marketing strategy. Jergens (a reputable company), for exmaple, probably uses overly positive statements to sell their Naturally Smooth moisturizing product, even though reading most reviews you won’t find many consumers who are blown away by it (“Shave half as often”…well, if you shave every day, now you may be shaving every other day, most people will not care). Naturally Smooth’s efficacy is supported by research, it’s just not all that impressive. As a rule companies will always use marketing to their advantage, especially in their own press releases, which is all I have seen on the internet regarding No!No!

Again, hopefully there is something about this that I don’t know about.

i wish there was a way to get this product earlier. I dont want to wait till next year

I have some reservations about any home laser treatment device. I think that anything that is powered from a 120 VAC outlet and doesn’t require significant warmup time will probably provide temporary hair epilation as opposed to permanent hair reduction–it just can’t put out enough power to kill the follicle. Even being treated with a Candela GentleLase, I have experienced shedding followed by significant regrowth. I hope I am proven wrong about the strength of the home laser, though!

Yeah maybe you are right but even though having finally something that will eliminate the hair for let’s say 3-4 months that’ already good. Having this device for selftreatment you can use it whenever you want and the hair will be gone again. I think after a lot o treatments The hair would become weaker and weaker. Right now there is only waxing for self use that isn’t that expensive and have a longer effect but it’s very messy and can leave your skin irritated. So device like No! No! could be a big reliev even if the hair will come back after some time