No! No! method....

Hi all,

I read about this today from the following link:,4057,9721455%255E13762,00.html

Could be something of interst. Obviously there isn’t much detail as to what is actually involved, but could be a postive for the future of hair removal method and reducing costs.

what do you think Andrea?


this is a great news.
finnaly something laser alike that will be better than shaving or waxing:o))))
I am so happy and cant wait:)
isn’t this device buy any chance the device gillete was working on?
check this out
what do u think maybe this could work also?

That would be awesome!!! But that news site is from Australia. Knowing how the FDA is, they will want to try to figure out how they can get a piece of this pie, so more like 5 years.

Well I hope before I die I at least get a chance to walk on a beach again and not worry about anyone looking at me like i’m a freak.

Haven’t worn shorts since I was 15, and I never wear short sleaves out in public - I’m 35 now. Why don’t I just bite the bullet and do laser - i’m not a poor man nor do I have sucker tatoo’d to my forehead - Bring the price of laser down “hint hint”

Yeah, that’s right, it’s an Ausi articles as that’s where i am from.

Have emailed the Sydney Newspaper for more details.

Any more details i will post here for all to view



I’m with you hairbegone, I never wore short sleeves or shorts since I was 15 either, Im 23 now.

fortunately however, laser worked on my legs, but only on my legs, and although I am not hair free, I am now “normal”, which is what I wanted. I started wearing shorts this year.

My arms are terrible though. I dont know if I should have more treatments, (Ive had twice as much treatments on my full arms + shoulders than on my legs, and no results on my arms/shoulders)
Some parts of my arms are actually worse. I have hair now in places I did not have before. (I treated my arms 4 times at a place where I KNEW I was being very undertreated (20J) so I left, and had 4 more at another clinic where I started my legs too, with higher joules but it seems I didnt have long term results)

Should this No! No! thing actually work, this will be great news. Although I have my reservations, seeing as how many scam permanent hair removal home products are on the market and none of them work. I’m still hoping it does work though, because I cannot realy afford much more ridiculously priced laser treatments, and I have some half treated patchy areas.

Let’s hope… but let’s also be cautious.