No! No! by Radiancy

I recently saw an advert for this product no!no! manufactured by a company called Radiancy. Supposedly pain free permanent hair removal sold to 500 thousand people. Has anyone used this product? or know anything about it? I can’t find any web references to it except on the actual product page at or on the As Seen on TV page. No customer reviews!(and 500,000 people have bought it!) I just wanted to know if it works. Let me know, Cheers Suzy

Nope, it doesn’t work. Do a search here on hairtell for more details.


Thanks Dee, I tried to do a search on it here on HairTell, but only found 1 post about it. Someone asking when it was going to be available!

Is this the thread. Read sslhr’s response.

No. I saw that thread too. But there’s no actual info about the No! No! product.

Check this out from Jan.'07:;action=display;num=1167551443

what difference does it make? unbiased professionals are saying it’s a worthless product. i think you should save your time.

Thanks for the info and the link, I guess I’ll save my money. Yet another hope of permanent solution to hair removal dashed!, ‘sigh’
Oh well, on with the quest.

Think electrolysis and laser if you want permanet hair removal/reduction and find out how these two modalites will work for your particular situation.

we would have told you if there was any other permanent alternative to electrolysis and laser. there isn’t one that actually works. we’d all be using it, trust me. I’m surprised that considering how much time all of us here invest in researching hair removal, people still post thinking that there is something that none of us has noticed that actually works well. everyone would be using it if there was something like this. believe me.

if you want results anytime soon, you should probably tackle one of these proven methods that work or just wait it out (indefinitely).

There was once a scam manufacturer who noticed that we listed scam products by name, and so, named his product in such a way that he could change the name every month, and yet not have it effect his advertising. In fact, the naming scheme allowed him to claim that the previous version had problems, and had not in fact worked, the the new one was improved, and did, in fact work… It made it unlikely for people searching on the product here to find all the information on what this scammer sold, as only references to the particular version of the product would come up in a search.

Of course, that is why we have the Ligetimate Machines On Ebay thread. In addition to heads up on live auctions, one can look back at previous closed auctions and find the names and likenesses of real products that we do endorse, as capable of delivering permanent hair removal with no modifications, and often a chat about the quality of the product.

No! No! is always available on Ebay, and we have never mentioned it. If we have not mentioned it, it is probably NOT a good hair removal product.

They are charlatans!!! Try every which way to AVOID RETURNS!!!
Product burned my daughter. They offer free postage both ways BUT ONLY IF YOU KEEP IT A MINIMUM OF 45 DAYS. If you go near 60 they try to screw you. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAP!!!

You go girl! Sorry you have to go through this.