No more hair with thermicon?

Hello, I hope this is the correct section for this post. I have seen lots of commercials about a product called “No!No!” and I looked at various parts of this site but haven’t been able to find info.
Anybody knows it?, is it any good?.

This is a link to what seems the official page:

Thank you.

You could not have looked very hard at all.

Just putting “no-no” in the search engine lights up a slew of posts like this one:

It is VERY unlikely that this works the way you want it to. Home use products must be difficult for the stupid to hurt themselves, or the lawyers have a feild day. Just ask anyone the difference between a one touch and an honest to goodness real professional electrolysis machine.

Hello, thanks for the quick response, I meant I looked at the “Hair Removal Facts” site, in here I forgot to search once subscribed (but did went through old posts).
Sorry about that, I’ll search now, thanks for your help.

I am abut to buy the no-no system. Or buying a treatment at noeskin (laser depilation) PLease advise mewhich is better. My skin is white I dont have a lot of hair and it is dark on my legs.
As a professional what would you advise.

not to buy it