I know I have mentioned this on earlier post, but after doing a lot of research I can not find 1 piece of long-term evidence on a man who was treated more than 12 months ago. I realize that a person may periodically need treatments for a small amount of hairs after many treatments, but I can’t find any good clinical evidence on this either. Just to let you know some of the people I have asked or searched for this information. Many of them will give you testimonials but not 1 piece of clinical evidence. You have to be honest with yourself and realize that if this was sucessful most of the time the laser companies especially would want this info published. I talked to Sciton, Candela, Lumenis, Cynosure, Richard Felton of the FDA, Rocky Mountain Laser College, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center department of plastic surgery and dermatology, the Society of Clinical and Medical Hair Removal, Cornell University, The American Academy of Dermatology, the chief MD at Smooth Solutions, and close to 100 different laser clinics. I have also been on several forums like this one and not 1 piece of clinical evidence. The only things people keep sending me to read are either original trials dated before 2000, results for either 3,6,9 or 12 months, or testimonials. I am not saying that you can not achive intervals of hair reduction that may last awhile, but I would be most appreciative if anyone could provide me with long term clinical evidence. I know lots of people read these forums, and there has to be 1 tech, doctor, laser sales rep, nurse, etc. that should be able to provide me this information. Hundreds of thousands of men have been treated for laser hair removal over the past 5 years and not even 1 piece of evidence or .001 percent.


you wont find any hairyman in the world who has had
success with laser treatments, its now been 4 months
post my 20th treatment on back and other area,s and
now I have full regrowth,5 years all for nothing,I look
like a complete monster.The laser industry are the biggest
crooks in the world,greedy,evil people who wont tell the
truth and just lie to the world.I guess I will just live
out my hairy miserable life out hoping something new
comes out someday that hopefully is not a scam like laser.

I am living proof laser is permanent. I have not been treated on my back yet but other areas responded very well.
after 2-3 treatment on legs 50% reduction then after more treatments : feet 90% knuckles 85% unibrown 80% My butt is little stuborn Just had 13th treatment and I would say have about 60%-70% reduction but working to get into 80 because I see less hair every time. And it has been more than 4 months and after initial regrowth it stays like that. after 20 treatments on your back you should have “at least” 50% reduction. back is the most stubborn area but still you should see reduction.