No improvement after 19 months of electrolysis

Hi, I’m posting for a friend who has been going to electrolysis for 19 months now, every few weeks for a few tough chin hairs. She started doing regular thermolysis, and has now been doing blend for a few months, with the apilus platinum.
She is light skin, with blond hair.
The electrologist doesn’t seem to think that there has been any improvement, and is not sure whether to continue.
any ideas?

Do you know if your friend has any underlying medical reasons that might be affecting hair growth (sudden weight gain, diabetes, PCOS, pregnancy, thyroid issues, etc.)?

she has no medical reasons that should be effecting her hair growth.


Are the hairs properly treated? Can your friend feel the hair coming out?


If my electrologist admitted no improvement after 19 months of treatments every few weeks, I would be running in the opposite direction, and not before asking for a refund. I’ve had several areas treated by a few electrologists, all extremely capable. I can see the reduction within the first 3 months alone, right up to the point that the area is basically free of hair some 12 months later. Even accounting for individual differences, 19 months with no improvement is unacceptable.

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Hi, thanks for replying, I’ve passed on all the messages to my friend. In her last session her electrologist mentioned that she always uses a size two ballet probe, could this be the reason for the slow progress? if she should be using a bigger size for her tough chin hairs?