no growth after first treatment

I used to have darse coarse hair on the sides of my face. I had my first electrolysis treatment and the sides of my face were completely clear save for some small black dots, which the electrologist said were dormant hair. She asked me to shave the next day and come back in a week.

A week later there was no change except for a strand or two of new growth and very small stubble but nothing the electrologist could work with. A month later, it is still the same. There is a barely noticable shadow but very few growing hair.

I am guessing I am not clear of hair yet. Does everyone wait a couple of months before their next treatment? Also the skin on the side of my face has become excessively dry. Is this a common side effect?


How many hours took you to clear all the coarse hairs?

Oh my god you are so lucky. I have to get my face worked on twice a week to keep all the hair at bay. I do notice that for me, my body hair that I have worked on grows MUCH slower. Usually I do wait about a month in between to treat those areas. As far as the dryness, I have noticed that as well. My skin used to be very oily and I had horrible acne. Now I have none. My current electrologist told me that electrolysis does dry the skin out. I believe her because I had acne for 10 years. I thought it would never end. She gave me a more scientific and detailed explanation but can’t remember it to be honest.

ok here’s the really funny thing…

since electrolosis, i noticed my facec getting dryer, yes, but no where near the area of the electrolysis work. lol. my skin oiliness is fairly the same where i had treatment. but other, non treated places, have gone dry. could just be other life happenings.

I had lots of growth after treatments.

The weird thing is that some of the hair start with a TINY size, and very Light color, and they gradual become darker,longer, and bigger as times goes by!