No gloves and a wide open door

So I went in today for what was supposed to be a consult for electrolysis. I had done some research and this place was apparently voted as one of the best for laser and electrolysis in Vancouver.

It was easy enough to get an appointments; even though the receptionist didn’t understand what I meant when I asked to have a Consult, before I have any real treatments, which apparently they dont do.

Anyways, I get there and it’s a small office. I got waved into the “treatment” room. Which looked more like a storage room of sorts. This office does skin treatments as well as eyelash extentions and things of that nature.The electrolysis machine, had clutter on top and the overall feel of the room was definitely not sterile.

In hindsight, I probably should of just left right then. But I didn’t…

The tech proceeded to feel up my face(the area I want treated)as I was filling out the consent/info form (since the receptionist did not give it to me earlier). She then started to check her text messages and made a call while I was in there.

She barely explained anything… had me lie down and started to randomly pluck my eyebrows… It was really weird! She told me I could expect swift and good results with my side burns,slower but still good results on my chin and neck, but that I should probably laser my upper lip. I asked her what type of electrolysis she does, and she said she does her own method, which she called “flash”?

She then asked if I wanted to have a short 15 minute session so I could see what it was like… I reluctantly said I’ll try it. With out first closing the door to the room, or washing her hands, she started to work on my cheeck and sideburns sporadically, with her gloveless hands! I asked if she could wear gloves and maybe close the door, and she said oh yeah… for sure!! what the hell? shouldnt that be common practice? or at least if gloves get in the way, to wash your hands?

The insertion of the needle didnt really hurt too much, but the heat sensation was pretty intense at some points. I have redness on the area treated and its pretty bumpy now, about 7 hours afterwards. She sprayed my face with an epsom salt spray while she was doing her thing, and told me to use only that afterwards, and moisterize alot.

I was pretty thrown off by this whole experience and saw it as a pretty bad first experience. I know I should’ve just left when I saw the condition of the room, and when she didn’t wash her hands but I was giving her the benefit of the doubt based on all the good reviews I read.

Better luck next time i guess

Trust your instincts. Shop and compare.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to take recommendations with a grain of salt, unless you know for sure the person advising you values the same things you do…

One of the reasons I stopped seeing an electrolysist about a month ago was that she left the door open during treatments. It opened right into the small waiting room that had only two chairs. From one of them, I had a direct view–couldn’t even look away easily–of the woman before me getting her eyebrows done. I stopped going there after the time a whole family including kids came to the salon for a massage, and they could look right in and see me getting hair removed from my chin. Nice.

I’m seeing someone else now, and at least she keeps the door closed.