No electrolysis before menstruating?

Hi there

I’ve read online that girls shouldn’t have electrolysis undertaken if they haven’t yet started menstruating? I just wondered why? Is it a maturity thing perhaps? Or maybe so you can see what hair you are dealing with initially? The electrolysis itself wouldn’t alter the hair growth.

Many thanks

I think what I heard concerning menarche is, there are hormonal fluctuations and that can affect hair growth of course, but not all the hair that is stimulated is there to stay. It may grow, shed and then not be a problem ever again. You just have to wait and see. when the internal hormone environment stabilizes, then you may actually observe the hair that is there to stay.

Sort of like pregnancy. When extra hair may grow while pregnant. When the hormone levels stabilize after the birth of the child, the hair sheds, and isn’t a problem any more.

Regarding the maturity of the girl, well, that needs to be assessed. Some parents want it for their daughters more than the daughters want it for themselves. If the girl is motivated, it is okay to do electrolysis.

Thanks Dee.
My 11yo is having electrolysis done. She’s only just started her cycle but the hair growth has been there a while and over the last year or so it’s all thickened up a lot. My daughter has wanted this gone for years. No pain relief just ice and she copes amazingly well. She’ll do anything to get rid of it and the daily comments. I think if she waited a few more years to see how it settled down, her confidence or lack of it, wouldn’t be great.

All sounds good. I wish your daughter much success.