nj electrologist?

i’m currently undergoing electrology sessions for my bikini line but my electrologist stops at the line and i think i am going to want to keep going and clear the whole area. Does anyone happen to be able to recommend an electrologist in the new jersey area who is experienced in this? preferably one who can supply a topical pain management treatment.
if no one replies, i’ll start making phone calls, but i’m hoping to hear from someone who has had a good experience.

Where are you located in New Jersey? How far would you be able to travel? How long do you plan for each treatment? I will try to connect you with someone. hairsgone@yahoo.com

Thanks for the reply hairsgone.
I’m in central NJ. Middlesex county. If i could find someone who could use a really good pain control method so that i could handle a long (multi hour) session and get this thing done in a reasonable amount of time, I’d be willing to travel to just about anywhere in NJ, nearby pennsylvania, or new york. I was reading on some of the transgender info. sites about lidocaine injections and that sounds fantastic, but I imagine for that you need an electrologist who is also a physician or something. I was reading that with emla you have to cover it with saran wrap for 30 minutes before it works…and I’m concerned tbat with it being so expensive, i’d hate to use 50$ worth of it and get no effect because i didnt do the saran wrap part properly.
If I have to stick to 30-60 minute sessions, I’d prefer not to drive more than 40 minutes or so which would mean approximately no further north than montclair…no further south than brick.
Thanks again

njbug, just noticed you are on line. I will give you some suggestions within the next few days.

Thanks hairsgone. I’m not in a big rush…I’m just new to this electrolysis thing and I love this page…I seem to be able to find answers to most of my questions here if I read for long enough. Right now I’m looking for scabbing info and I think I’ve read what I need. I was really worried because my first session went very well but the second led to a lot of scabbing. But are just little tiny scabs…not pits or gaping wounds or anything so after reading a bit…I’m feeling ok again

As you read, you might notice that there is a difference between body work and face work. I personally never want any scabs on the face. Yet, there maybe some on the body. If one does not pick, they usually fade with nothing left behind.