Nissim Kalo?

So I’ve seen this stuff around and I’ve been quite interested in it for about a year now, I just don’t know when to bite the bullet and get it. I wanted some more advice and more experienced insights from you guys, since HairTell does seem to be the leading forum for any sort of hair removal.

The product claims that any time you’ve removed a hair from its root, you rub Nissim’s Kalo Hair Inhibitor on it, and over time, the hair in that area should subside. Apparently it deters sulphur (I think?) from forming in the hair’s follicle, thus like electrolysis, halting the hair from growing altogether.

I’ve read a variety of reviews, and it does seem legitimate based on the amounts of reviews I’ve read. I just don’t know if anyone here has had any experience with it.

[nisimhair dot com/kalo]

That’s the link.


Companies pay people to post positive reviews for their products. You can usually tell when they’re fake. Nothing besides electrolysis and laser currently provides permanent removal.