NHS Treatment


I just thought I would let you know that you can get hair removal Treatment on the NHS. You will have to present your case to your PCT/Health Authority, and if you are pre-operative Transsexual I would only have thought they would only fund Vaniqa, just incase you decide not to cross-over or live full-time.

I am post-operative and am currently being precribed Vaniqa, while we sort out perminant hair removal, which is going to be tricky as I have ginger hair and sensative skin.

The main argument you can used is that there is a valid medical condition in Women called Hirsutism, and if a natal woman has facail hair growth that has to be removed twice a week or more you would definately qualify for treatment. As there is now a legal obligation to treat the Trans community in there chosen gender role and as such they cannot refuse treament. You can also use the Lancs case, the Human Right’s case, Trans Equality advice and implied via the Gender Recognition act.

Anyone saying that it would not be possible is not fully informaed, this includes the normal culprits for deception ‘Gender Clinics’.


If you need more info to help you get the treatment, or would like back you up and writing to your PCT on your behalf do not hesitate to get in contact.

Samantha Hamer

Hi Samantha:

It is good that the NHS covers those things, and I am sure some were not aware of that.

I live in Canada, and the province I live in used to cover such things, but they delisted that and SRS too at the same time. It is before the human rights courts now,
but the lawyers seem to be getting the most out of the dragged on proceedings. The money they saved by delisting is really insignificant.

Thanks for sharing that info.


Hi samantha
im really interested in your post as i also live in the uk and am wondering about electrolysis on the nhs.Colud you possibly give us an update on how you progressed and if you ever did get your treatment free?i know your post is quite old but i hope you are still around