next step- structured learning

So given I’ve already invested a fair bit of time …and money, into learning all I can about this practise, I’m looking at what it would take to get my certificate here.
The school I was having work done at as I mentioned is a mess.I have to be honest they arent my first choice, because of their current state and also price, they are over $8000 so well out of my budget range.So the other major school ( there’s actually 3 but the second is the same company as the first just a second location) is a local place called Gina’s. I just called them ,and they have new semesters for electrolysis starting in January. It’s a condensed course, one day a week for 34 weeks, so having all the knowledge I can beforehand is going to be critical but hteir cost is also alot less, $2900 plus a $200 “supply kit” with probe holders, probes, supplies etc. Probably mot things I already have, but I get the idea it’s not optional.

So now I’m looking at what it will take to raise that kind of money. I’m considering some crowdsourcing options as my income wont even come to that much between now and then. The aim is to get the one thing all the practise in the world and studying wont give me, a certificate so I can actually practise here in Canada.Of course they are trying to push the "laser " add-on, but I’ve not got alo of interest in that at the moment.
Anyay, this is more or less just tooting my horn for getting off my butt and doing, but I am interested in hearing opinions. It’s not alot of hours, 136 if my count is right, so I’m not even sure it’s worth it, but it would give me the certificate.


I got an idea. Why don’t you just learn how to do it and forget the stupid certificates? You could buy some awesome equipment for the price of sitting in those rooms working on each other in a not so structured kind of way, getting a few hours of lecture here and there to make it look good.

By the time I went after my first certificate, I had already achieved a part time income from the natural force of friends and friends of friends begging me to do work on them, because someone had told them that I could do this work. My first customers came because people who knew I had been trained to do this, would mention it in conversations, and people would hunt me down.

I did not seek certifications until I decided to go big or go home, leading to a big box office in a former dentist’s office. I never actually sought electrolysis customers business until then. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have gone about it differently and saved tens of thousands of dollars while becoming just as good, if not better at what I do.

Want to learn? Find the closest person who knows how to do it and is willing to give you some hands on time, and pay that person to work with you. Next, find some willing people to let you practice on, and start out doing leg work (since it is the easiest to do, and any mistakes are forgivable) Reconfer with your hands on source(s) and move on to body work, and finally, graduate to face work.

If you can find it, do an apprenticeship with someone. It would be a much better learning situation. After all, the incentives in an apprenticeship are stacked towards you getting competent in a short amount of time.

at least initially James that’s the plan. I want to be frank, when it comes down to it I want to be one of the best at this, and I’m determined.
When I started looking at this, I did my research. One of the things that I came accross was this blurb from COPE, the Canadian Organization of Professional Electrolysists:
"Electrolysis is unregulated in Canada and many parts of the U.S.A. " . This gave me hope. And as you say the volunteers have come in droves, I’ve at least five at this point all going “Pick me pick me” as volunteer subjects.
However, there’s some prevelent MISINFORMATION that you are required to have a certificate to do any electrolysis. I’ve seen it in about 50 places, all with nothing to back it up. I’ve checked the ministry of health web site and documents for electrolysists, there’s no such regulation. However I’ll be honest, I’ve had one person severely harass me. An electrolysist who found out about me. They refused to believe what I was telling them, that there was no such regulation, that doing so in my home was perfectly legal, and that as long as I wasnt charging and it didnt become a “service” there was no legal issue. In the end, it became apparent this person was trying to recruit me as a client which I told them wasnt going to happen as I had at least 4 pro’s ahead of them, and wouldnt choose them even if I didnt. But the vehemance of this experience, and the common misconception that I was in some way “doing something wrong” made me decide it may well be easier to just get a damn certificate. I do appreciate what you are saying, and frankly it was my first best course of action. I just wish this other person to go the hell away.


There are two kinds of people, those who want to be left alone, and those who won’t leave other people alone.

You will find that a great many things run like what you have just experienced. Connecting some proclamation, legislation, regulation and other magical mystery words to you is factually impossible, but the hypnotized masses just keep toeing the party line, and attacking you for knowing the plain truth.

It is ok for them to volunteer to self select themselves to participate in these programs, but even the programs fundamentally can’t connect you to them without your help. They rely on intimidation and bullying tactics to get people to sign statements that the regs actually do pertain to them, and that they agree to any penalties assessed against them. You would not believe how pervasive this extraction/extortion scheme is, and how many agencies employ it. In the end, some have the means to send costumed men with guns to do you harm, while others have only the ability to huff and puff and bloooooow hot air.

Some good reading:
The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose trade paperback $13

The Most Dangerous Superstition PDF

The author requests that if you read the PDF file, send him at least a $5 donation in appreciation for his time and efforts. Pay for the PDF you just saved and started reading. At least $5 please

I’ll skip on reading that because I already have too little this month:) I still need to send a 10’er to montreal to pay for the postage for the cataphoresis roller I was just mailed from there,and just paid for the memory card. I think I may have actually read parts of that before too I’ve some pretty antiestablishment core beliefs.
Your point is well taken though I was affected by someone essentialy a busybody and need to get over it. Worse a busybody with an agenda to make money off of me.
Thanks for talking sense into me.


Oh, go on and read it. You have more time than money right now. Later, when you have more money, you won’t have time.

I’ve actually a fair bit to do this week. I’m cleaning the heck out of my equippment and and treatment area getting ready to start tommorrow. Lotsa bleach.
I actually came across a PAIR of prestige clinical autoclaves for $100 each. shame is I have to pass, as I wont have the cash this month, I bet that doesnt often come up. I looked into the disinfecting guidlines from ministry of health. Shame is that most of what they say to use as high level disinfectant, I cant even find.Some are:
1:50 chloring bleach ( easily found but breaks down brass ( which probe holders are made of) and nickel from stainless)
gluteraldehyde ( cant find that)
6% ot 7% hydrogen peroxide. The highest the drug store can even order is 3%
orthaphthalaidehyde ( OPA) . None of the pharmacists I talked to knew what this was even.

I actually have a special tray for saving and organizing used probes that came with the machine. It’s hitting the trash, it came with the electrolysis machine and such practises are prohibited here.

You are good with just washing and heat sterilizing your reusables. An ustrasonic cleaner is also something you can pick up used for a small price, and just run your items through a cycle in the untrasonic, and follow that up with a heat sterilizer, and you are done. No need for harsh chemicals that cause their own problems. Gluteraldehyde, for example, as time goes by, it destroys the binding on my diamond dust tipped forceps/tweezers.

Using something like bleach on any metal surface is probably not a good idea, it will easily corrode the surface. I don’t think many DIY’ers have an autoclave… After all, we are working on ourselves. But if you feel sanitation is a major step definitely save up for one. And like James said, stay away from the harsh chemicals