next day after 1st treatment with gentlelase alexandrite

i had my first treatment with gentlelase (the one with the cooling device) for upper lip and cheek area hair, yesterday. my hair fell out immediately during treatment, but now that i observe my face i can still see hair. it looks as if it is 2-3 days after you shaved and hair start to come out again. my skin also feels rough when touch.i do have the impression that the laser burnt my hair while the root is remained untouched-hence this like i shaved feeling.
is this normal to happen after first laser treatmen?

Unfortunately for the client, laser hair removal does not obliterate the hairs immediately upon treatment. The hairs will have to go through a shedding process - this will take at least 2 weeks, so be patient. Yes the hairs are treated even if they did not expel during treatment - that is just a side effect that does not even happen at every treatment. Keep shaving the treated area, the hairs will eventually shed and you will have some down-time with little to no hair growth. DO NOT TWEEZE! You will start to see new growth at around 6 weeks post-treatment, and that is when you should have already make your next appointment. Ciao! :wink:

I guess I don’t understand about NOT TWEEZING after a laser treatment. If the root has been zapped, isn’t it dead and tweezing it is just pulling out the dead root? Isn’t tweezing kinda like waxing where the hair (or hairs) are pulled out by their roots? I understand that hair starts to resurface after several weeks after waxing. If that is true, then if one tweezes after LHR, the dead ones shouldn’t grow back and if one waits the 8 weeks or so between treatments, hairs that had been in the dormant stage should be in the active stage and ready to be zapped.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been thinking. I am very new at this subject so I would appreciate any input to expand my “education” in this matter.

Thanks in advance


Tweezing is never a good idea since the laser rarely gets 100% of the hairs in the treatment area. Most of the stuck hairs were probably treated but some of them were likely just stunned. It is better to let them fall out on their own and for the ones that do not, take heart in the fact that they will be treated the next time you go in. If you had tweezed them you would miss treating them.