I am from Virginia and when I was 17 years old I was diagnosed with PCOS. When I was about 19 years old I had laser done for my beard. I had monthly visits that lasted two years. Two years of my life and money down the drain.

Fast foreword to now I am 31 years old. My beard is worse than ever. However I just started electrolysis this week. I am seeing the woman an hour at a time. I go back tomorrow for a third visit.

I am hoping it will work. She is using the blend method. The roots are tough and have been there for a long time. Tweeting some of them have been a chore (even after “zapping” it).

I added photos. The first one is a before and current. The current is right after two treatments.

The other photo is current right after the second treatment. My face is red and angry but doesn’t hurt. In fact the treatment so far has hurt much less than the lasering I had done.

The woman I am going to works out of her home. She uses an Elite Spectrum machine. I am to exfoliate with an olive oil and brown sugar mix every day and before treatment.

I am to not shave anymore because of the toughness of the roots. She needs the hair to be longer to get. But we are hopeful in another hour or two of work I will be “clean” and from them on just come in for maintenance. It is hard not to shave. I have places to go and people to interact with and no amount of makeup can hide the black.

But I am keeping my hopes up that soon! Soon this will be all over with. And small quick visits will be all I need. And one day I can go camping or wake up and throw on clothes to leave the house real quick.

I can’t wait.

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Ok, well first as to expectations.

Having looked at your pictures it’s a little hard to tell what I am looking at.But what does seem to be is that there is a fair bit of shadow.With that much, i would say it would be really ambitious for an electrologist to clear that in a couple of hours with blend. It’s going to take longer than that and it will take a year or more for it all to be gone completely due to regrowth.

To put it into perpective, as an amatuer it would take me at least 8-10 hours to clear that much if not more ( probably more like 20 but I’m slow) . This isnt to discourage you, becauase electrolysis absolutely works, but I also dont want you to keep at it and be disappointed with lack of progress.keep doing the sessions and the hair will go away.

Once it is cleared maintenance will hopefully keep up with the regrowth due to hair cycles.

Laser didnt work for me either.


I won’t be giving up for sure. I’m exhausted. I’m tired of having a full beard. I’m willing to do what it takes!

The hardest thing is not shaving before a session! I’m having to miss out on a lot. I go to the gym in the mornings and don’t wear makeup. I might have to skip going to the gym until it’s clean. My appointments area usually in the afternoon.

I have PCOS too and I am 28 years old, so I am right there with you. Keep us updated on your progress… these pictures are very helpful.

Dena, can you bleach the hair and still make it to the gym? Especially if you have PCOS, exercise is a good way of keeping more hair from growing! (As are meds… are you on any?)

And good for you for embarking on electrolysis! It’ll be long, but I think it will be worth it. :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing updates!

Thanks for posting your pictures. It can be really hard to stop all forms of hair removal during electrolysis.

Consider wearing make up for a while. It covers “shadow” nicely and could be a wonderful confidence booster, at this time. A lesson in application, could really help you through those first few weeks/months.