Just had my first treatment 6 weeks ago on my chest. I want to know if anyone has an icepack applied before the handwand is applied to the skin. As this is the way i had my first laser treatment. I do not know what kind of laser they are using, they mentioned the name, but can’t remember. Im I being had, or is this some cheap laser that they are using. Will find out the name when i go in a few days.


I also had an icepack applied before my laser treatment on my legs. I’m not sure if your being had? Snce its been six weeks, have any of the hairs fallen out? Do find out the name of the laser used on you. Maybe you’ll get responses from people who’ve had experiences with that laser.


Well just found out the name of the machine. It is called palomar Estelux. Did my second treatment today and all is fine.


Estelux is IPL not laser. It has gotten some good reviews though. As always, practitioner skill is the most important factor.