Newbie TS 2nd laser Treatment

Hi, Im new to this forum but Im so gald I have found it.1st off Im A Transexaul M2F Ive been on Hormones for yrs and. Just recently started LHR.
Ive had 2 sessions using the lightsheer Diode.The 1st was very painful but very noticeable the hairs shed about 2 to 3 weeks later and I almost cried.I use those olay facial clenseing cloths in the shower and it was covered with black hairs.I have very fair skin never tan or even try to and have dark hair.I could shave and have a very smooth as a babys A$$ face but always have the dark shadow. So therefore always had to wear heavy makeup to cover it and for me I couldnt stand it anylonger always worring if I was shadowing though my makeup and in daylight it looked cakey and thick and I was very hot as well.
So I went to this place called Permanent choice Here in Minnesota. I first sent an e-mail asking if they have ever worked with Trangendered before.They said yes it wouldnt be a problem.So I called and made a appointment I talked to the owner herself Susun Lossing. She made me feel so comfortable and safe she has been in the bizz for 20 something yrs now. She was the first to bring laser to MN.Anyway The 1st treatment was very painfull but she worked with me with ice and aloe gel and we took several breaks to calm my nerves. Oh and by the way my mother went with me and was a great help she stood by me and encoraged me to get threw it.The laser was set a 25.After I was done I was very red and a little swollen in spots most of the hairs just jumped out of my skin and I could smell them being zapped.Susun said with the hrt And this combined I would do well.She gave me LMX 4% numbing creme for my next visit to try to dull the pain.So here we are at the 2nd session which she called a week ahead of time to ask me if it would be ok to left another girl Named liz do me and she assured me I was in good hands. At 1st i was a little upset with this because Its a big deal for me to meet someone without makeup all over again but I have been threw worse .So I did it and Liz was great also. I told her I had alot of pain last time and this time I used the LMX creme she said ok and looked at my chart and said wow your setting was 25 last time know wonder you were in such pain and she turned it down to 15 and I still hurt but not as bad only in spots like chin and upper lip and a few other spots.I ask her if it was turned down would it be less effective she said as long as Im still feeling the snaps I was ok? Its now been 10 days since 2nd session.The hairs are starting to shed a little but when I shave ther is a big difference I can wear less makeup and my face stays smooth longer. I even feel ok when someone knocks at my door unexpected and I have no makeup on I can Open it with out trying to hide my face. Im so looking foward to the 3rd and 4th treatment. I have to pay $375.00 for 6 treatments. and if I have any regrowth or need a touchup it would be $50.00 I guess thats ok? But what scares me is I want to be hairfree and abble to go without any makeup foundation at all.But from what I have read this may not be possiable?But I guess if that is the case a little makeup is better than thick cakey makeup.
Thanks, Erica
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Hi Erica,
thanks for sharing your story and your experience with us. We all appreciate hearing from others, it helps us to know there are others out there sharing the same issues.
I hope that things go well for you and that you end up being happy with your treatments.
Do check back in with us to let us know how it is going.
Have a great day!

Hi Erica!

I am here in MN too. I am going to Sona in Woodbury. I had my first appointment last night and it went well. I felt little zaps, but after having electrolysis, a tattoo, surgery, and a baby, the pain didn’t effect me too much, but I did feel it.

I really appreciate your story and I hope it works for you. I can’t imagine what you are going through, but I would think that it has to be a little bit like what I am going through. Sure, I am not a transgender, but I am a female who has had facial hair for almost all her life. If I shave I get a little shadow under my chin, and it is very humiliating. Its wonderful that you have support. My husband has been a God sent! He’s wonderful about it too.

I will be watching for updates from you!

Good luck,

Hi All
Yes being Transgendered is not an easy road to travel but laser definetly makes it a little easier for me.Like I said its only my 2nd Tx.So far so good still getting fall out hairs a little more each day.The hair feels so corse and strange reminds me of the movie The Fly when he first gets some thick black hairs on the back of his shoulder! LOL! The hairs never felt like this before stiff and wirey? Oh well just makes me so happy when they fall out goodbye evil little hairs goodbye! Hahahaha!!!
I will keep my sessions posted.

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