Newbie to laser

I went to that website and filled out the form to find out if i am a candidate for laser hair removal, and requested a brochure.

I figured it would be easier to get answers on this forum that I just recently found =)

I am a 22 year old male with brown skin and thick black hair, thanks to my father! Am I good candidate for laser hair removal? Is laser hair removal really permenant or will the hair grow back eventually?

Also, I am I in the Los Angeles area. Has anyone with my skin/hair type had it done in around this part of California? When I go in for a visit, what should I ask about? (I read that some lasers and settings are not effective)

My story, I have been shaving/tweezing for years now and have finally decided I would like a permenant solution. I want to lose the hair on my fingers/knuckles/hands more than anything, maybe later I will consider my lower arms and my legs.

Can anyone provide any estimates on how much the procedure will cost? I am aware that multiple treatments are required.

Thank you in advance.

Laser is attracted to dark pigment, so the best candidates are with light skin and dark hair. You’re not ideal for the treatment, but if your hair is very dark and coarse, it is possible to achieve a disirable removal or at least a serious reduction with a YAG type laser. That’s the only kind that should be used on you because other types will burn your skin. Yags are made specifically for darker skin types. The downside is that they are less effective on fine hair. I am in Los Angeles, but have light skin, so the lasers and places I’ve used won’t be suitable for your skin type. There are many places around here though, so you should be easily able to find a suitable place with a Yag laser. Look up the consultation form on the website to take to your consultations. You should get several quotes because prices vary widely and you need to make sure to find an experienced technician – that’s most important. A good tech will be able to achieve the best results as setting just the right settings for your skin is important (as high as possible without burning your skin). If you’re only getting your hands done, it shouldn’t be that expensive. I would assume the area is about the size of an extended bikini area or so, and that costs about $100 per treatments in Los Angeles. You will need 6-8 treatments spaced 6-10 weeks apart.

If my hair is noticeably darker than my skin, is the YAG still the right Laser?

You should be looking at your skin type on the Fitzpatrcik skin chart. Check it out at That’s how you determine if a Yag should be used. Basically, Yags are made as to NOT burn darker skin (darker than a type IV).