Hi everyone,

This is my first post but I have been reading up on all of your previous posts. Geesh, there is so much information. I didn’t know there were so many hair removal methods. All i know is that I want it gone. I have a lot of facial hair (thanks to my father!!!) and it drives me insane. I can’t go a single day without tweezing. Unfortunately, I get really fustrated and depressed everytime I look in the mirror- there is just TOO much for me to control. This is why I have decided to get it permanetly removed.

I went for a consultation with Bodylase (Spelling?) and am more than decided to have laser. They have a special that ends tomorrow. It is buy one body part and get the other free. This sounds good but I just wanted some feedback from people with more experience than me.
here’s what I would pay:

  Sideburns, cheeks, and chin:  $299
  mustach:   $0

It’s not suggested to sign up for block time but the offer is for six months. The total is $1794 (USD). It boils down to a good price and I don’t mind paying it but I’d feel more comfortable if I had some input.

So, What do you guys think?
Thnk you in advance for ay help.

I assume you are female. Do you know what laser they are using? What is your skin and hair type? What kind of experience do they have in hair removal? Those are all very important questions to ask before jumping into this. Specials are on all the time and since there is a lot of competition now, it’s not difficult to bargain and find the right price. The most important thing is to find a good tech so that you will be happy with your results in the end. Most prices that I’ve seen for a full face range from $100-250 per session. So this is on the high end. Where are you located?

Also, treatments should be spaced about 6 weeks apart on the face for most people.

Thanks for your input Lagirl,
(I am a Female) <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />
(I had another consultation today. The place is cales Sona Medspa. They use an Alexandirian Laser and have been in business for seven years. It sounds pretty good.

The price for the face (chin, sideburns, and mustach) is $350, but a package of 5 treatments would be $1750, including the eyebrows. (but for some reason the woman I spoke to said they don’t do under the eyebrow- IS this normal?) She mentioned that Alexandrian laser is very adjustable and works better on more skin tones. before each treatment they use a cromatos to measure the level of melanin(?)

I guess my real debate rather than the price is whether the Alexandrian or the lightsheer diode (this place also has the diode for darker skin but the consultant said chances were that I’d be okay with diode) will work best on me. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

Here’s a little info 'bout me to see if anyone has any ideas or mayby suggestions of what is better.

I am hispanic so I have tannish skin but I am a very light tan color.
The hairs on my face are very coarse (resuting from years of plucking and waxing)and black AND MOST RECENTLY, they are growing more and more on my neck, chin and cheeks (GROSS!)

When I wax or pluck, the results last only about 2-4 days before I start to see (rather feel) growth.

I would appreciate any suggestion and especially referals. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I am located in the Durham/Raleigh area in North Carolina.

Sona Medspa is a chain clinic. There are various locations all over the country. Whether this particular one is good or not depends on the technician you get who actually performs the treatment. Make sure they are knowledgeable and very experienced.

Alexandrites and diodes are for light skin and dark hair types. Diodes can be adjusted a bit better for darker skins, but if you’re darker than a type IV, finding a Yag laser would be best to avoid any potential burns to the skin. You can look up your skin type by googling a Fitzpatrick skin chart.

Laser works best on dark coarse hair (because it targets the dark pigment), so you should get good results with a good technician. You do need to stop pucking at least 1 month before your first treatment. Hair grows in 3 phases, so not all of it is visible at one time. Some hair is under the skin and some is dormant. You need the roots to be there to get lasered. Hair is most vulnerable and easiest to kill in its first anagen stage of growth, which lasts about 4 weeks on the face. Start shaving for a few weeks before your treatment.

I recommend for you to do a search on this and other LHR forums for recommended clinics in your area. Personally, I prefer a private clinic or a doctor rather than a chain and I’d rather not pay up front for several treatments that I might not even need (I don’t now), but that’s up to you. The most important thing is the tech’s experience.

Here’s a post for recommendations in NC from another forum:

"I can highly recommend 3 electrologist/laser techs for you in that area. The first is Trudy Brown. She has 2 locations, one in Greensboro the other in High Point. She has LightSheers and CoolGlides. Her Greensboro # is 336-288-5301. She has a few electrologists/laser techs working for her, and I would trust all of them to do a great job.

The second one is in High Point. Her name is Alice Saintsing. She has a GentleLase and a GentleYag. Her # is 336-884-4222.

The 3rd one is Dorenda Stilwell. She uses Alice’s lasers when Alice is off. Her # is 336-472-6322.

All 3 have been doing LHR for several years. I can’t recommend one over the other. They are all well educated on their lasers. If I had to choose one of them, it would be based on whose schedule was more compatible with mine."