newbie questions

So, I bought a used epilator on ebay. It will arrive next week. Today I ordered an optivisor thingie - 2.5X at 8" .

The machine I won is old. It’s super awesome looking, though, and my husband is really handy. He’ll check it out, and we may find some HAM radio guys to check it out as well. It’s a Hinkel UC-1 , here it is:

Here are my questions:

  1. What kind of shank needles does it use?
  2. If you were going to choose between the Hinkel book and Bono’s Blend Method book, which would you choose? Which is better for getting down to “how to” methods with basic language?
  3. What else do I need?

About ten years ago I tried laser treatments and they didn’t work. My chin / neck hair has gotten worse. I was overweight, so I made it a goal to lose weight and keep it off for a year, and then I’d reward myself with permanent hair removal. I live in a VERY rural area, the nearest electrologists are over ninety minutes away and with two kids (and a gas budget) I chose to try to do it myself. I have a friend who is an RN who has pcos, so she and I are going to buddy up and try to do this!

Please let me clarify what I said in an earlier post. The ham radio guys can most likely point you to one of their group that can TEST A TUBE. While they do understand the theory behind the design of that machine, they do not know the specfic parameters an epliator is designed to operate under. I STRONGLY suggest that it would be in your best interest to either arrange with Hinkel themselves or with Texas Electrolysis Supply to have it gone over by someone familiar and qualified to pronounce it sound before you use it.

You are planning to operate under the serious handicap of a lack of formal training. A malfunctioning machine could prove disasterous for you and in my opinion not worth the risk.

Kathy, Mike Roy is giving you words of cautions that you should really care about.

I sympathise with your location issue, but I will sympathise with you if you damage your skin tying to kill the hair.

Bono’s book would be better for the “how to” part.

Location is not so much a disadvantage anymore.
There are online educational courses at

also, plenty of books are available
that will help you understand.

Then, hire a babysitter and visit a school
and get some hands-on training.

Good Luck.

Thank you all for your replies. I will definitely take it slow and be careful. We plan to start with our toes and work up to facial areas once we have a good idea of what we’re doing. My state requires no licensing. The closest school to me is six hours away in another state - it’s not just a matter of getting a babysitter. I will call them to see if they allow visits, but it’s most likely not going to happen. It’s hard to explain how rural I am. I have goats and a llama as pets…

When my machine arrives and I start getting acquainted with it, is there a way I’ll know what type of shank needles it takes?

I’ll keep y’all updated as things progress.

I tried to look at the photos but the wire is covering the probe. It looks pretty standard so i’d say it would probably take the F range needles.

Can’t go wrong with F3! =)