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Hi, I’m so glad that I found this site. I really need help. I am a 54 year old woman and I have always had excess body hair. My legs look like ape legs if I don’t shave them (all the way up my thighs)but that does not even come close to the agony that I go through over my facial hair. I used to tweeze my face and mustache, but the amount of hair was just too much to tweeze. I began shaving about 10 years ago. I now grow a very heavy beard and mustache just like a man. it even grows down the neck area and it is all very coarse and heavy. I have to shave daily, sometimes twice if i have to go somewhere at night if I don’t want any stuble to show. My mother also has some facial hair and has always tweezed it so there may be a hereditary factor. I was diagnosed as having PCOS although I do not have cysts on my ovaries (one is enlarged and is being watched)but I do have high levels of male hormone. I am so depressed about my appearance, that I don’t even want to socialize any more. I was wondering if health insurance ever covers the cost of electrolysis or lazer treatment for the facial hair? I have blue cross blue sheild POS, I only pay a $10 copayment at the regular doctors office and I was wondering if insurance ever covers this type of treatment and does the electrolysis office usually get prior authorization and from the ins. co. and bill them, or do I need to pay up front? I would not be able to afford to pay first, so I was wondering if any one knows how this usually works. This is so embarrising for me that I cant even call my insurance company by phone to ask them any questions. Also what method is better electrolysis or lazer? I am fair skinned with brown hair. thank you so much.

Welcome to the forum.

I am not scolding you, however, you and every other new person will find that if you get acqainted with the search feature, you can find a wealth of information without even asking any questions.

Had you just searched on the words “Insurance pay electrolysis” you would have come up with these post strings:…=true#Post19190…=true#Post19191…=true#Post21234…=true#Post19190

Happy Reading.

PS, insurance doesn’t knowingly cover LASER for your situation, because it is not cleared by the FDA as Permanent Hair Removal, only Reduction.