Newbie questions


I’m considering buying a home electrolysis kit and I thought I’d run past you experts a couple of the kits I was considering.

1)Beautiko Electrolysis Pen (with patches)

2)Beautiko Home Electrolysis Hair Removal System (I think this one has stylet tips and tweezers)

3)Babyliss Electrolysis Depilation Kit Model 8365

What do you think of those? Are they going to produce permanent results? Is there another one I should go for instead?

Also, how feasible is it to perform electrolysis on yourself? My manual dexterity is good (even though I’m a guy!) - I’m a biomedical scientist, and much of my work involves using very fine sutures and needles, so I think I should be alright there, and I have good vision. I’m also quite handy with both hands, though not fully ambidexterous.

I plan on doing my shoulders, it’s the only hairy part of me that I don’t like…at least for now!

I understand the needle/stylet systems are superior to other claims like pads and the like…can someone confirm this?

That’s a lot of questions, so I’ll stop there!

Thanks for your time.

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Confirmation: superior is not the correct phrase: needle systems work, pads and patches don’t. It’s that black and white.

You need to see the hair follicle and angle very clearly, so doing your own shoulders (except for maybe the front area) could be very difficult.

Thanks for the confirmation :smile:

Do you know where I could get a good needle electrolysis kit by mail order in the UK? Is there one that is markedly better than the others? I’ve heard a lot about the One Touch system - can you get that in the UK without having to ship it over from the US?

Your best bet is to try to buy a used professional unit, and have some one else learn how to do it, and perhaps trade service on each other. There are few places one can really “do it yourself, to yourself.”

Try to find machines with names like Apilus, Berkowits, Clairablend, Fischer, Hinkle, Instantron, Silhouet-Tone.

Avoid Aaavox, GHRS, Global, Igea, Igia, AHA, IHA, Rejuvenue!

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agreed, any part of your body that u cannot see without a mirror u would not be able to do it yourself.

so the back sholder blades are outta the ?

oh yes i forgot to add… this winter I bought only 1 one-touch kit.

this one kit with one battery lasted me all winter and killed every hair on my right arm (that beign said===== I only used the one battery included)

amazing how 1 battery can zap away every hair on an entire arm. and u know - that’s alot of hair for a simple 9v

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</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by tiny:
<strong>agreed, any part of your body that u cannot see without a mirror u would not be able to do it yourself.</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>It might be true for You, but that does not make it the same for all of us. Personally I easily work with a mirror and uses both hands for the probe. Such a statement You made can scare off a rookie without giving she/he a chance to try.

do not try using the one-touch on any part that requires a mirror!

unless you complete the curcuit after the probe is inserted.

i wouldn’t even try if I was u untill you are aware of the procedure from doing it on your legs or arms

Hi Max-- All the devices you list should be avoided. Get a ONe Touch if you want a cheapie, or go big with a pro unit.

Where would one find this One Touch Unit you are all mentioning. And I have to say you have all saved me from making a huge mistake, I almost bought a machine from Aavexx, but you steered me out of darkness into the light…thanks!


Hi Kathy-- glad we could steer you clear of the Aavexx scum! has the One Touch for sale, and many major drugstores and beauty supply chains have them. If you look down through the posts below, you’ll find several other suggestions on where to get them, including eBay and other offline retailers.

I found my One Touch at Global Drugs which is in Canada where I am and was thankful that they didn’t want to charge me $34 shipping like Folica did…shipping was only $5.95 for Express Post.
I’m very happy with my One Touch, it just takes a little practice to get the timing right.