newbie questions about removal...thanks guys

Hey guys,
I am new to the whole hair removal thing and have a few questions about electrolysis. First of all thanks for this site, its awesome to know there are more people with similar problems. Anyways, I am a male looking to remove the hair on the neck part of my beard. Its moderatly thick, but not too full. I cannot shave often due to intense razor burn in that area for some reason (about once a week I shave). As I am now entering a stage in life where I have more professional meetings, I feel it is important to look presentable (clean shaven). My face shaves fine, its just the neck that is irritated. My question is, is electrolysis my best route in removing hair from my neck? If anyone has had similar problems, what route have they taken? How long should I expect to get about a 2 by four inch area of average male facial hair thickness removed? Ball park price? I know its different everywhere and there are many factors but im just looking for an average reasonable expectation. Also does anyone know any good practitioners in the delaware/philly region? Thanks for whoever looks at this.

The initial clearance of the deep-rooted old growth hairs will be the toughest to remove. I prefer Blend treatments on the beard area, yet other electrologists like to use thermolysis. Thermolysis kills the hairs with alternating current which produces heat. This cuts off the blood supply to the hairs. The Blend is a combination of direct current and alternating current. The direct current causes the salt and water in your body to produce sodium hydroxide which is heated by the alternating current. Both methods are permanent and produce great results when done properly.

Hi Campo,

As facial hair is some of the more dense/thick hair on the body usually (>100/sq. in <170 sq. in), and a 4" X 2" area can be expected to have between 800 and 1560 hairs. Approximately 30% of your facial hair will be in the dormant stage so we will be looking at 560 to 1110 hairs at the initial appointment. An average thermolysis operator will average about 6 - 8 hairs per minute on that type of deep hair. Thus we are looking at between 1-1/2 to 3 hours for initial clearance. Blend will take a while longer and I’ll leave that exercise to those who do more of it.

Follow-up appointments will be required to get those hairs that were in the inactive growth stage and any regrowths from the previous treatments. No one hits a 100% kill rate on the first pass as not all of the hair present is in the active growth stage and we can not see under the surface of the skin.

I hope this helps helps.