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Hello to all… New to the forum but not new to the hair problem that many of us share.

I am in the beginning stages of research and I can already say that I am over whelmed and confused with all the different choices. I am interested in removing/reducing the hair on my back and sholders through laser. My question is that I do not know which laser to go with. I have very light skin with black/dark hair, which they say is ideal (to me ideal would be none at all!!).

Anyway, can anyone shed some light on the different lasers out there. Alexandrite… good, bad, best? (have heard that is is old tech) Epilite… good, bad? Vasculight… (is this just for veins?? Diode??

Which is the best and/or most powerful. I just want this stuff gone and I am now ready to do something about it.

Thanks for the help


Hello Shocker,
The first step is check


Hello Shocker,
I saw that you are from KC, and thought I’d pass along a piece of info another forum member gave me. In Blue Springs, there’s a place called Merrill Permanent Color Dermagraphics, that does laser hair removal. The person who gave me the name of the place has been going there for 2 yrs., and is very satisfied not only with the effectiveness of the treatments, but also with the staff. I called the place & spoke with one of the ladies that does the treatments…I had been told to ask for Cindy or Karen. I spoke with Karen who was very nice & gave me a lot of info over the phone. Both of the ladies are R.N.'s, and Cindy, who I believe started the place has a very impressive nursing background, which you can find at their web site
I had a laser treatment done at a place here in my town last week, but am still thinking about switching to Merrill.
Hope this helps you out…Good luck!


Thanks YeaYea… I will have to check them out.


I have been to 3 different clinics. While prices and approach were different, what remained the same was the lack of proper information I received. I got more info reading this site for 30 mins that I got at the 3 clinics.

In any case this is my little “protocol”. I’m not saying it’s perfect or that it is good for you. This is just my own step-by-step of the procedure. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

(1) I arrive at the clinic at least 1 hr 15 mins before my appointment. Even though I shaved with a TracIII razor in the morning, I shave again as close as I can, this time with an electrical razor.

(2) I wash the area with Spectro Jel, an antibacterial cleanser. I have a problem with small whitehead pimples so this might help.

(3) I apply EMLA cream (2.5% lidocaine, 2.5% prilocaine) and cover with Saranwrap. I leave the cream on at least 1 hr, more if possible. From the product leaflet: “Satisfactory dermal analgesia is achieved 1 hour after application, reaches maximum at 2 to 3 hours, and persists for 1 to 2 hours after removal.”

(4) About 15 mins before the start of the treatment I take a couple of Advil pills (ibuprofen 200 mg).

(5) Start of the treatment. As it lasts nearly 2 hrs, I only remove half of the Saranwrap to begin with. Otherwise the numbing effect of the EMLA wears off and it is too painful towards the end of the treatment.

(6) During the treatment the technician/nurse will pause 2-4 times and apply ice for 5-10 mins to cool off the skin.

(7) Once the treatment is over and I leave the treatment room, I apply my own ice pack. I wrap the pack in a face cloth, I don’t put the plastic directly on the skin.

(8) If I will be going some place other than home and the treated area is exposed, I clean up by removing some of the burned hair. This can be time consuming.

(9) If I have blisters I apply a small quantity of antibiotic cream like Fucidin or other.

(10) Later on I apply some Cortate cream (hydrocortisone 0.5%).

(11) I refrain from shaving the area for at least 5 days.

Advil, EMLA, SpectroJel, Fucidin, Cortate, Saranwrap, ice pack, face cloth, small mirror, tweezers.


Shocker, I’d suggest looking into a diode based on the experiences of everyone here, but practitioner skill is more important than laser used.


Mike2003, that is a first-rate post on what to bring to treatment! If you had ratings enabled, you’d be a five-star member! :relaxed: