Newbie planning to get arms done in Charlotte

Hello everyone. Now that I have read just about every post on laser and electrolysis, I’ve decided to get electrolysis (If my pockets can hold out). I’m going to get my arms done. I was hoping someone with some experience could let me know how long I could expect and, more importantly, where in Charlotte can I find an electrologist? I kinda wish that James was still posting right now… his advice seems invaluable. I plan to try to post pics of my arms and keep a journal going on the site. Any help, references, etc would be greatly appreciated. I was also wondering where I could find another site like Andrea’s… Not funded by someone trying to sell something with statistics, studies, etc. Thanks so much in advance for any responses!

Oh, and one more question…
Does membership in the American Electrology Association just mean that a practitioner paid a membership, or are they required to keep up with lastest technologies, training, etc.? Basically, is that a reliable reference when seeking a practitioner?

have you tried using the search feature above and searching for “charlotte” or “north carolina” etc

Yes. If remember only one result for North Carolina and it was not near me.

I went for a free consultation with Charlene Poole in Charlotte. On top of a free 15 minutes for a “test patch,” I received a 20 minute treatment. I have a very small area on my upper forearm thined out. I received the treatment on 3/8. As of right now, there are teeny, tiny scabs on my arm. I didn’t do any follow up treatment, like ointments or gels. I had to work after I received treatment and I actually completely forgot that I had had anything done. The electrologist stated that it would be better to simply “thin out” my arms until I am comfortable with them but I’m not so sure I agree. One of the reasons I dislike the hair on my arms is because it’s so stinking long! I think a few long hairs on my arms would look gross. Does anyone else’s electrologist usually suggest the same thing? Ms. Poole is using flash thermolysis (I believe). I’ve decided to get the package of 20 hours for $1120 but I may go in for 2 hours for $130 before I get the package. I lucked out because I saw the package deal on the internet even though she’s not offering it anymore. I’m going to try to get my arms cleared as soon as possible so that I can go straight to maintenance sessions. There seems to be a scheduling problem as I go to school full time and work full time. My next 2 appointments will be at 8 am (ouch!) <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />. The pain was mild. I experienced a prick feeling, sometimes a hot feeling. It started to hurt a couple of times so she just moved to a new spot. It was really a lot better than I was expecting!

I have found out answers for every question that I asked in my earlier posts except for one… Does anyone know of another site on hair removal that is for the consumer, and not funded or supported by someone trying to sell you a service?

I had a 1 hr and 5 minute session on Monday. There is now about a 1" x 1.5" cleared area on my right arm, close to my elbow, and an area that is slightly noticable thinned out in the middle of my forearm. I have little bitty scabs all over. After the last session I had, it took about 3 or 4 days for the scabs to go away.

I decided to book time with another electrologist on Saturday because I am so eager to reach my first clearance and Ms. Poole seems to not have much time available. I will see Maryanne with About Face & Body Electrolysis. I have another session (two hours) with Ms. Poole tomorrow. She has been absolutely wonderful about answering all of my questions, and I’ve asked a lot! I’m looking forward to seeing how the two electrologists compare as far as speed and my skin reactions are concerned.

this and our sister site are the only sites that are consumer supported and not trying to sell you anything.

cosmetic enhancements forum is also unbiased.

Thanks for the replies. It’s surprising that there are not more consumer supported sites out there considering how many people go through some sort of hair removal process everyday. Andrea’s site has been a great help to me. Without it, I would probably not have started electrolyis. lagirl, what is the address of the cosmetic enhancement forum, or were you talking about one on hairtell?

My session yesterday (Wed) went well, except for the fact that I was late and so I didn’t get all of the scheduled time. I was scheduled for two hours but I had a 1 hour and 15 minute treatment. The thinned out area on my arm is a little larger. We tried a size 2 needle instead of the size 3 to see if that would reduce the scabbing. It took a little longer than the size 3. I can’t tell if it scabbed or not because I don’t know if the scabs on my arms are the same ones or new ones, as the same area was treated (mostly). I guess I should’ve looked closer at my arms before treatment. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

I have an appointment on Saturday for two hours with About Face & Body Electrolysis. My next appointment with Mrs. Poole will be on Tuesday. We’ll start out with three hours, take an hour and a half break, then finish the appointment with another two hours. That’s my kind of appointment! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> I can’t wait to be able to see a large area completed!

Okie dokie. Here’s a quick update.

Sat 3/18- 1.5 hours with Marianne at About Face and Body Electologist. She used a size 2 insulated needle. Much faster than Charlene, cleared almost the entire lower front half of my forearm, although I experienced severe itching (it drove me bonkers) and have scabs larger than pinpoint scabs, which makes me very paranoid. My skin also looked like it had a horrible rash for the next 3 days. It looked like I had been attacked by millions of mosquitoes; it was very red and raised. The skin is still slightly raised (as of 3/24) but isn’t anything like it was. The scabs are still there.

Tue 3/21- 4 hr & 40 min with Charlene Poole. She used a size 2 gold needle for most of the session and a size 3 needle (insulated?) for the last 15 minutes to see how it worked. Thinned out underside of my right forearm (so far the only work I had done was on my right arm) and began work on my left forearm in a section closet to the crook of my arm. Time flew due to Charlene’s wonderful personality and great, thoughtful conversations. The only downside is that most hairs seem to take 2 or 3 tries to get them out, although she takes great care with my skin. After this treatment, I experienced very few pinpoint scabs.

Thu 3/23- 1.5 hours with Marianne. I showed her the larger scabs and expressed my concern. I also told her about the severe itching which I do not experience with Charlene. She slowed down considerably. Skin reaction is much better so far. Doesn’t itch, none of the rash looking reaction I received from her first treatment. She further cleared the same area that Charlene had worked on. She used a size 3 insulated needle. She stated that the larger needle should reduce scabbing.

So far I have had 6 hours and 35 minutes with Charlene (beginning on 3/8) and 3 hours with Marianne (beginning on 3/18). My right forearm still needs a little more clearing on the underside but is otherwise satisfactory. My left forearm is cleared from the crook of my arm to a little further than halfway down my forearm, and only on the top. The underside has not been started. The tops of my arms have not been started.

I thought that I would be much further by now, but I am elated to see the progress thus far. I have pictures from after my first two treatments but I haven’t uploaded them yet. I will try to do so soon.

Wow, it’s been quite a while since my last post. I am quickly approaching 40 hours (I think I’ve had about 38) and my arms are still not to the first clearance. My lower arms have been cleared but there is still a lot of hair on my upper arms. It is fine and kinda long, and there is a lot of it. I’ve been doing maintenance on my lower arms for about a month now. I’m happy with how my arms are looking, but I am SO SICK OF GOING TO CHARLOTTE 2-3 times a week. I really thought I would have been cleared by now. I just had to purchase another package of 20 hours. I would hope that after 60 hours my arms will be done.
All the rest is kind of the same story. I still get a better reaction with Charlene. This last package I get will be with Charlene because I would prefer not having a bunch of scabs whenever I go to just maintenance. Hope all is going well with everyone else!

from the dates of your posts, it seems that you’ve only been doing this for 3 months. it takes 9-12 months to achieve clearance due to hair growth cycles. You should be achieving your first clearance by now definitely if you’re going 3 times a week though. How long are your appointments?

but I am SO SICK OF GOING TO CHARLOTTE 2-3 times a week.

Where are you driving from? I may know of someone closer to you.

And people wonder why my pet peeve on this board is how people refuse to put a location in their profile, and then expect us to be able to help them find local help.

You don’t have to say Hillcrest New York, but if you at least say Queens near Shea Stadium, we have an idea of what is close to you.

You don’t have to say Clarence Center New York, but if you at least say Buffalo, or Greater Buffalo New York we can find someone who is 20 miles or less from you.

You don’t have to say Risen Arkansas, you can say Between Pine Bluff and Little Rock Arkansas.

BUT YOU SIMPLY MUST SAY SOMETHING IN THAT SECTION OF THE PROFILE OR WE CAN NOT HELP YOU. Are we supposed to search for the ONE post where you actually said your location? Perhaps you would rather repeat your location in every single post you make?

Trust me, your friends, family, boyfriend and everyone else, won’t find out that you are reading and posting on this site. They are too busy with their own problems to care.

I agree. Everyone should really just fill in your location. I can’t recall how many times I’ve had to type “where are you located”…but it’s been a LOT. It would save all of us a lot of time. Even if someone from your small town will ever find this site, which is highly unlikely, it would be impossible for them to connect any of your posts to you. That’s why it’s anonymous.

Ouch, jeez, jeez, alright. I get the point. I’m from Salisbury. I will immediately change that in my info! I’ve already looked in surrounding areas & couldn’t find anybody except for Charlotte. I’m not concerned about people knowing that I receive electrolysis on my arms because I readily tell people. I just put the location of the electrologist in my profile instead of me. Crikey, mistakes happen, we’re not all seasoned veterans of the forum.
The sessions I was going to around June and before that were always at least an hour. One appt I had was for four hours but my normal appts would usually be about 2 hours. Keep in mind that I was seeing 2 electrologists. I was going to 2-3 appts a week. I am going strictly for maintenance now & I go once a week or occasionally once every two weeks, but that is only if Charlene is out of town for a week or booked. I don’t see Marianne anymore b/c I’m out of time with her. It definitely took longer than I had thought to achieve first clearance, I would say I reached that around late June. The commute to Charlotte from Salisbury is no longer so bad since it’s only once a week. Hope this helps anyone who is new to electrology. Charlene Poole is the absolute best as far as skin reaction & great conversation.

I too have heard great things about Ms. Poole. I hope to one day sample her work so I can say that I too have been touched by the angel.

If it seems like we beat you up about the location thing, it is probably best just to say that you came in at a bad time on that particular issue. We have had several recent arguments on the board from people who have all kinds of ideas with the “sinnister motives” behind our wanting to know the poster’s location.

We thought it was obvious that if everyone’s general location were evident, people in your area could trade info with you, and maybe ask questions of you too. Oh, but that might be giving back.

Sorry, there I did it again. I will try to drink some anit-grumpy juice and get back to you all later.