Newbie needs Inspiration


Hi all,

This is my first post and I’m just after some friendly advice. Let me explain my situation…

I’ve decided to visit a pro electrolysist to remove unwanted hair, but I’ve decided to make a start using the One Touch on myself first. I though I’ll do my hands/fingers and feet/toes before I go pro, but now I want to do as much as I can by myself.

After doing hands and feet, I want to move on to do my arms and possibly chest before I go pro.

I’m paranoid thinking it’s going to be too hard and I really need some inspiration. Some words of wisdom from Tiny would be great, if he can clear his arms succesfully why can’t I? I really want to do as much as I can myself before I go pro.

If anybody has any general helpful advice on using the One Touch I will be thankful.

Has anybody used the One Touch when a mirror is needed, any tips on doing this?

For many of my hairs I can see where the holes where they come out, but for many I can’t (like some on the upper arm, chest) Does anybody have help on how to do these hairs??

Is there any tips on removing arm and chest hairs?

If you’re right handed how hard is it to do your right hand/arms with your left hand?

Does anybody have any advice on removing excess hairs from the pubic region by yourself?

Finally, what precautions can I take against permanent skin damage or scarring?

If one person can DIY and be successful then so can everyone else, you just need to be inspired and have determination, something which I lack at the moment. I would like to keep in contact with everyone already using the One Touch, to share advice.

Apologies for the long post. Any help and advice will be more than appreciated.

Thanks everyone.



Is there any reason why you are ignoring the advise to get a buddy to share work with? That is a much better option than doing it yourself with a mirror.
You should also get a good book on electrolysis and read it BEFORE you start this project.


yep, you left out the fact that I did my right arm in about 2-3 months, and about 1 month to clear it.

I’m not going to lie, it took dedication.

you don’t want to do it during the summer.

here’s how to accomplish your goal.

day 1= 1000 hairs

A. do 5-10 before you put the needle down and pluck them.
B. collect the hairs in groups of 10 on a piece of paper
C. when you got 10 groups of 10 ='ing 100 hairs, give yourself a shot of alchohol, or a smoke, or some sort of treat to keep ya going.
D. ok, now that the 100 is done, it’s time to do another 100. again, 5-10 before you put the needle down and pluck, repeate 10-20 times untill you get the pile of 100 hairs, take a shot or smoke, or a treat to keep you going.

If you can get past day 1, you will easily relize how quick you can accomplish hair removal.

get past day 1, and u win the war I think

this is for arms.

I’m done with them though and my strategy for mustache/beard is alot different.

but get past day1 of my plan and let me know and i would be like … woohoo, let’s see a picture hehe


ps. there’s no mirror involved when diy arms

if you can see where the hair enters the skin, then that’s where the needle goes. if you can’t see where the hair enters the skin, then you either a) need glasses b) need to open your eyes or c) grow some real hair…lol :angry:

here’s my right arm, it’s basically heeled, done in 2-4 months, (october 2002-february 2003) with a vacation to amsterdam sometime during that period:)

<img src=“” alt="" />

I’m workin on my beard now, but, i’m doing it much slower, much much slower, i wanted my arms done and done as quick as I could.

I feel like I’m sweating less if that’s possible, and I’m more relaxed in my one touch use now, I basically use it when I’m board now instead of as a job .


let me know if you pass day 1, if you don’t then your goal is not accomplishable in my opinion

you get past day 1 yet??


i did my right arm first- and without the 1day theory I have lol it took me a 2-3 winter :fearful:

I then did my right arm with the left (found it to be just as easy if not easier) in the short time frame I posted above.

I haven’t bothered doing anything on the sholders as I don’t plan on wearing a tank top (yet at least) currently very very happy with the short sleeved shirts for now.


Hi Tiny,

Thanks for your reply.

First of all, I now know that I need to use witch hazel, Tend Skin, and Aloe Vera gel to down any swelling or redness. The only other problem is worrying about getting the probe in correctly.

Oh by the way, I haven’t done Day 1 yet because I haven’t bought it yet! ( I am going to very soon though).

You were incredibly laid back when you said “where the hair comes out of the skin thats where the needle goes” (or something similair). I can see that for my hands/fingers, feet/toes and lower arms there shouldn’t be too much hassle because you can see (just about) where the hairs come out.

But, for the upper arms and chest you can’t really see…is it just as easy as ‘sticking the needle in next to it’?? any advice?

The bonus with me is that (on arms especially) the hair there is rather spaced out, so shouldn’t take too long.

Also, any help on what settings to use for diferent parts?

Thanks alot for your help, v much appreciated.



defenatly go for the large hairs first, thre ones u can see :fearful:

I take it your chest don’t look like mine <img src=“” alt="" />

my arm hair sure wasn’t spaced out, it was very dense, just like chest. if fact not many people had arms as hairy as mine, of course, noone has less hair on their arms as I do present day. hehe

&lt;/font&gt;&lt;blockquote&gt;&lt;font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif"&gt;quote:&lt;/font&gt;&lt;hr /&gt;&lt;font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif"&gt; is it just as easy as 'sticking the needle in next to it'?? any advice? &lt;/font&gt;&lt;hr /&gt;&lt;/blockquote&gt;&lt;font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif"&gt;[b]umm,   I think you need to be able to see  where the hair goes in when you first start,  just hit the big ones first.      I have closed my eyes and done it before. the process when diy'ing is more of feeling your way in than seeing it go in.  maybe a combo of both as i have only done it to myself (my g-friend never let the needle go in, although I wanted to get one of her hairs so bad she always turned skreemish at the last second)   U see, that's why I say it's just as easy if not easier using your left arm,  if you force it it won't go in right, and since the left arm is #clumsy# it's easier to find its way in somehow.  I'd say it's 70 percent feel/30 percent eyes  realistically (efficiantly) u need to be able to see.  once your pro at it (as I am)  you could get any hair with miinimal lighting (run the needle along skin towards hair-  and when it hits a pothole  let it slide in a few millimeters  etc.)]}[/b] 

I don’t know about settings, as I started at the highest possible dial 10- 30 seconds

here’s my settings list
that i’ve went through

left arm

dial 10 20 seconds (timed on clock)
dial 10 20 seconds (counted in head- big mistake)
dial 10 15 seconds (counted in head)

right arm

dial 8 10 seconds (counted in head)


dial 8 6 seconds (counted in head)

every setting I’ve done so far has defenatly killed the hair, no regrowing, so all my setting above are still to high

I dont think I can take any more seconds off, as 6 seconds seems like a good count.

I guess I could dial it down to 6 and see what happens.

I’ll do dial 6 and 6 seconds in about a week and try those setting for my cheeks:)

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hi tiny,

thanks for the reply.

i only hope it’s as easy as you say!

i just don’t understand how you done the hairs on the upper arm at the back of the bicep.

thanks for the advice, v much appreciated.



i didn’t do the back of my bicept

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i wouldn’t do my own back of bicept,

i’d leave that for the professional,

but i just run a rotary epilator over it and it doesn’t bother me so if I were to go professional i’d let her do my butt crack lol

get my moneys worth aha



I’ve been having professional electrolysis for a while now, which appears to be going well, and decided to buy a One Touch machine out of curiosity having heard so much about it on here.

I took it out of the box tonight and tried inserting the tip (no power on) into a few follicles on chest stomach, and arms, and, at least for me, it slid in alongside each hair with no real problems at all. I get the feeling the tip gets a little out of shape very easily but I find the offset angle actually helped me with the insertion.

I honestly didn’t expect it to be that easy to insert so I may decide to use the thing in combination with the helpful suggestions from the site provided by Superman in his earlier post.

Who knows, it may even lead to a Tinyesque winter of mass hair removal :wink:


The OneTouch takes a little getting used to especially if you have never performed electrolysis on yourself or anyone else. My opinion is that you should start working (practice) on an area that is easily hidden but also has thick hairs. Personally, I have found the bikini area to be the easiest to treat. I also have modified the OneTouch so that I can use different sized probes with it depending on the size of the follicle being treated. It’s weird, but I have found the toes to be the most difficult to treat out of all of the areas that I have worked on (note that I haven’t even considered working on my own face…I don’t care how “proficient” I may become at this, I’m not about to risk it :frowning: ).


I tried to wipe out my entire beard this past weekend.

my schedule was as follows… during the cubs game while the braves were batting I’d do 20 hairs, then I’d watch the cubs bat, then do 20 hairs while the braves batted, then watched the cubs bat… etc…etc…

I did this on Friday and Saturday totalling of about 300 hairs for “in-game” romoval

Also on Thursday night I did about 200

lastly, yesturday after the game I did my drink method lol, remove 50 hairs, take a measured shot of vodka, remove 50 hairs, take a measured shot of vodka…lol
I did a total of 6 shots= so it adds to 6x50= 300hairs

I may skip today as I’m really tired of the needle

but, I’m at the point where I refuse to shave because I’m tired of cutting myself with the razor.


hi everyone,

thanks for alll the help. i havent bought it yet but i hope its as easy as what scorpio says!

thanks again.