newbie needs insertion tips !

well I just got my one touch a couple days ago and I have not even plugged in the battery yet. i’ve read alot about how the insertion angle and depth needs to be correct in order for it to work properly. so I’ve been experimenting and I don’t think I am doing it right yet. How do you tell if you are at the bottom of the folicle? I was able to get it just inside the hair shaft, but I’m not sure if it was far enough. should I just turn on the juice and see what happens?
also I read the suggestion about covering the needle with nail polish and sanding the tip so you don’t burn the surrounding skin. has anyone tried this? is it a good idea?

just a little background on me: I spent about 10 months with an electrologist, then 7 months seeing a laser specialist, wasted a LOT of time and money, nothing was permanentely removed and many hairs grew back in much darker. so I figure for $30 I might as well give this a shot. I mainly just have a handful of dark hairs on my chin that I want to get rid of. I have very light skin so the laser lady used high powers on me. since laser covers an area rather than individual hairs, I think it actually stimulated new growth and made hairs darker along the back of my chin. with the elctrologist, I dont think she actually inserted anything. it was on my chin so I could not see what she was doing. went very quickly from one hair to another, just like a series of sharp pinches. if she did insert anything, it was not for more than a second. laser was definitely less painful than electrolosis. I never needed pain medication for either. they both told me that there is a small percentage of people in the world that don’t respond to the treatment, so I’m hoping that it’s not me, and they were both just incompetent :roll_eyes:

so enough about me! I want to hear about your experiences especially with insertion and treatment times. I plan to try a few on my arms ( I have really hairy arms for a girl, but it doesn’t bother me enought to remove the hair there ) before I attempt my face. If this doesn’t work I just may have to join the circus as the bearded lady! :relaxed:

I suggest highly that you get a lot of practice somewhere else other than your face before you move on…you will most likely get tiny red dots on your face normally but they might be larger than tiny if you haven’t practiced yet.

It sounds like your insertions are not correct yet so don’t move to the face.
I found that the needle was too thick to be inserted in my arm hairs very well, but my arm hairs are quite fine…the easiest place, believe it or not, for practicing was the bikini line…the hairs are thicker and and it’s easier to see the angle of insertion there.
According to Mike Bono’s book The Blend Method the 1 mm of hair that is coming out of the follicle is pointing in the direction of the insertion the majority of the time…and that does seem to pan out for me anyways.

As for depth of insertion most of my facial hairs received the entire length of the One Touch needle almost to the metal stopper thingie.
I can only assume those were anagen hairs because a few others didn’t go that deep and were harder to get out.

I think that covered everything you wanted to know…just let us know if it didn’t.


The real trick with the One Touch is the thick probes make it hard to get a good insertion. If you’ve watched a pro, you know how they remove a hair or two early on by grasping it right at the skin’s surface. That allows you to measure how deep the hair goes from surface to root.

It really takes trial and error to figure out where the bottom of a follicle is. It’s a slight pressure you learn to know by feel.

I agree that it’s good to start in an easy to reach area with some coarse hairs until you get the hang of it. It’s harder than it looks.

get this,

i’ve inserted so many time
s into my arm that i could do it without looking!!!

swear to god, hears how i did it,

do about 10 hairs to get the feeling of which direction your insearting the probe,
now, if you know your needle, your able to run it along the top of your skin without burning it,

ok, now that you know the direction and are able to run the needle lightly on top the skin (arm) close your eyes and run it along for a few inches or untill boom, the needle slide’s in… you can feel it, and then zap it:) hehe:) it’s possible :smile:

ahh yes, for 1st timers try using your weak arm, i’m right handed so use your left- the arm is less forcefull

you do not want to force anything, so using a weak arm your less likely to force anythink

honestly…“inserting a needle in your skin” sounds very painful and scary!! Is it really?? And all in all…is it worth it?

lsuleigh, the insertion itself is painless if you do it right. The energy applied causes the discomfort. I found it less painful to have a pro do it.

i think its painfull, but i like the feeling on my arms

and i defenatly never break the skin,

the hair is in a pit, not under the skin just like your nose holes/butt/etc… its a hole

I will make a video of me doin it:) encode it in flash and put it on a server :smile:

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oh, but my hair holes are real big, i got real big diameter so its easy for me to insert.

One of my ex-girlfriends had light small diameter hair and i couldn’t find the insert.

is it worth it? well= i aint got a single hair on either of my arms. and I feel very proud of them. If i’m gunna put work into somethin i don’t mind puttin the work into somethin that’s with me always.

i’m unusal though because of the hours i’ve put insearting needles into holes, i don’t think people relize how many hairs are on an arm

you know how many day’s/year’s/or month’s of your life you spend at a red stop light? answer is 6 months:)