Newbie Here

Hi all. I am considering laser hair removal and starting doing research online to gather information. I found your site (and a good site it is.)

My gynecologist’s office does the laser removal. (I saw one girl who had it done, looked pretty good.) The doctor mentioned it to me (I am pale with very dark hair, and I hadn’t got around that day to bleaching my upper lip hair.) I’ve always had good service there and they offer other “female-friendly” services (all female doctors.)

I popped back in today and picked up information. I haven’t set up a consultation yet, but may do so.

They use the GentleLase system.

The price list says $200 per treatment ($600 total) for the chin and upper lip (the chin is what bothers me, dratted menopause <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />) They do three treatments (not counting the initial test and consultation.) They are spaced six weeks apart from each other.

My question is, does this sound right? I see a lot of other sites that say 5 or 6.

Is the price within average ranges?

I have had high trust in this office. I can afford this price (Not much more, but this is within range.)

Thoughts? Obviously, if I set up a consultation, I will hammer them with questions. I printed out a checklist of questions, in fact. But before I do that, I wanted advice from those of you who have done this.

My worry is that the upper lip will get thicker if I do this and it fails. Right now, bleaching it keeps it pretty well. But if I could just get rid of it, that would be great. The chin…well, I definitely need that. I can’t bleach that.

Thanks for any assistance and/or advice. It’s much appreciated.

Hi BLee,

Your price quote seems reasonable compared to prices where I live(Omaha). I had the same areas treated that you mention, the upper lip and chin. The clinic that I go to will charge per session or a package deal. Their per session price for upper lip and chin was 235.00. However, I opted for the package, which is 6 sessions because of the 20% discount and the one year followup guarrantee. I have had my hair problem since I was in my early twenties and due to years of plucking, made the problem WAY worse. I am 2 weeks post first treatment, and I have no discernable hair problem on my upper lip and my chin I would estimate as about 65% clearance. My chin was REALLY bad in terms of density, but if your hair problem is more due to recent events and is not super dense but still dark and coarse. I am thinking you should respond very well, underlying hormonal imbalance issues not withstanding.

I am very pleased with my results so far, despite post treatment swelling, redness etc. My clinic uses the Lightsheer Diode laser, so I am familiar with how many joules etc are effective for my hair and skin type with that laser, but not sure about settings for the Alexandrite type. I would get info on that before starting your treatments. I am sure folks on this bb know this info.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Depending on how much chin hair you have, this seems like an average price. I doubt 3 treatments will be enough, most people need at least 5, but you should see significant reduction after 3. GentleLASE settings should be at least 20 joules if you have pale skin and dark hair. It will work best on coarse hair. If it’s very fine, I would consider electrolysis instead. Hair shouldn’t get thicker, just make sure they don’t undertreat you, i.e. use high enough settings to actually kill the follicle instead of stimulating it.

My hair is pretty dark and coarse, so I’m hopeful.

I’m loath to do electrolysis, because my mother had a bad experience with it (not to mention I’m not keen on pain). It didn’t work for her, even after several treatments. Granted, it could have been a bad place/bad tech, but if I’m laying out money, I hope for decent results.

Thanks for the advice. It’s appreciated.

electrolysis takes at least 9-12 months to work and many treatments. After only a few treatments, it’s not that it didn’t work, it’s that only some hairs were killed, probably only in one cycle of hair growth. Each hair needs a few zaps to be killed and there are 3 phases of growth, so at any point at least 66% of hair is dormant. You would need to committ to treatments for at least a year to see results. Your best and most cost-effective bet is to do laser and finish off with electrolysis if any fine hairs remain.

That is how I am leaning, based on what I’ve been reading, if I go through with this.