Newbie here!

First I want to say this looks like a great site, very useful to a lot of unfortunate women that have to go through all this hair removal.

I’m 31 and I have been bleaching my upper lip for 15 years. Finally last Tuesday I took the plunge and got my upper lip waxed at my hair salon. It was very painful. She put on the hot wax and then removed the wax with tweezer!! I thought it would of been some sort of strip she could just rip off. The wax kept breaking, so it was many painful tears.

Once I got home I noticed that she didn’t get all of the hair. The over the next few days I got what appeared to be very painful red sore acne with white puss in them (gross I know, I’m sorry). Finally today, over a week later, it is almost all cleared up. BUT now all the hair that she left behind is black and I either need to wax again OR bleach it. What should I do? If I wax it now, I will have more hair growth soon from the last waxing, correct?

I really could use some advice, and advice on what to use the next time I was so I don’t get the acne rash. And should I go back to my hair salon? Try someone new? Or do it at home?

My friend says she puts acne meds on right after she waxes so she doesn’t get that acne rash, but I"m concerned that would be more irritating??

I appreciate any feed back!

never never never go to that person again-
I am a professional waxer and i am contackt with many others and i have never heard of of such a thing.
that said
if you just removed the hair yesterday or the day before you have a window in which you can easily remove the extra hairs without ruining your schedule.
lip waxing can be done with either strip or hard wax, preferably hard. It does hurt but the pain should be quick the whole proces should take only a few min and that includes tweezing those hairs that were missed.
i dont know what kind of acne medicin your friend is recomending but I would be loath to apply harsh cream to a freshly waxed lip, especially if a waxing has been as painful as you described.
If you let us know where you are from I could probebly recommend a trustworthy waxer for you to go see
good luck

Oh my gosh, i can’t believe your story! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> That is terrible and definitely not how waxing works! I am not surprised you got those white pus bumps. It’s a sign of extreme irritation, or even tiny little areas of infection. You should clean the area with some witch hazel, put on some refrigerated aloe vera GEL (not lotion) if the skin is still red or swollen, otherwise put some antibiotic ointment on those white pus marks.
i hope this helps,

p.s. fwiw, I bleached my lip for 15 years too and every now and then when it started looking like I had a blonde mustache, I would get it waxed. But i didn’t like how bald and naked and shiny my lip looked afterwards. Last year, I finally got sick of spending so much time taking care of that damned problem that I went for electrolysis, and I have loved that decision ever since. It’s amazing never to have to even think “oh, let me check my lip before leaving the house.” It’s something you may want to consider if you have a bad hair problem like I did.

Thanks for the replies.

I live in Central NY/Finger Lakes area. Ithaca and Auburn are the closest ‘cities’ to me.

I did electrolysis on my stomach (happy trail) for over a year. It was SO painful and slow going, I can’t imagine getting it done on my upper lip area!!! OUCH. Plus my stomach just has bare patches now and I still have to shave it. Plus electrolysis is just too much money for me to spend right now.

I did buy some Sally Hansen do it at home wax stuff yesterday. But I think in a few weeks I will go and get it professionally waxed again, but from somewhere else. I will also get some witch hazel and aloe before I get it done to keep on hand.

I’m assuming it is safe to bleach my upper lip until I go back to get it waxed right? It’s been 10 days and it is really noticeable right now…

Thanks again for the replies!!

once your skin settles down you can bleach just be carefull- check out they have a list of waxers by stare and area.