Newbie guy having leg shaving problems.

Hello, I am a man who has just started shaving his legs. My problem is that my hair is curly and my follicles seem to pair up. There are usually two that are close together and then there is some space seperating them from the other hairs. When I shave, some of the stuble has red spots on it, like ingrown hairs, but they’re definitely not ingrown because I can feel the stubble. How do I reduce them? They appear mainly on the tops and sides of my thighs. Also, I find that when I have stubble, if I get goose bumps it can become rather irritating. The stubble stands up on end and pokes me, not to mention it itches like hell! Does anyone have similar experiences? What can I do to reduce the irritations? It looks as if I’m going to have to shave my legs everyday, but I’m worried about irritation, any advice?

Your skin will adapt and the red bumps will go away. If you shave every day you will adapt more quickly and you are less likely to have ingrown hairs. What are you shaving with? If you are using a blade, try the M3 Power. I find that it causes less irritation.

Another thing that might help is using Tend Skin. You can find it at


If you are new to leg shaving, there are a few tips… I am not sure if it guarantees any reduction in stubble, but worth a try.

You can try to shave with lady’s shaver, they are more comfortable for shaving legs (from my experience). Also, you can also experience shaving dry with baby power… that works better for me.

Otherwise, I would suggest you to try waxing, last longer, but you need to be careful and it could be painful.

(Okay, I haven’t shaved my legs for ages…)

First, I think the best razor for legs is the Venus, which is the women’s version of the Mach III. In fact, you can interchange the blades. I always shave in the shower, with nice warm water and use a loofa first. I then use a good shave gel, such as Aveeno or neutragena. I like the Neutragena best. Go against the grain, to cut it as short as possible, which will mitigate the issue of goose bumps. I actually trim a few areas once the water is turned off, as I tend to get goose bumps then, and can feel where the stubble is. That will help with the goose bump problem. Regarding the red bumps, they are in fact ingrown, or slightly inflamed hair follicles. Tend Skin really helps. Also, you can use some antibiotic cream in a very light coat. If you have patience, most of the problems will go away. The inside of the thighs is a very tricky area, as the hair grows almost sidewise, not out as on your lower legs. Thus, it tends to ingrow. You may need some pointy tweezers for the ingrown hairs. You will probably always have some problems in that area. Even if it clears up, it may come back. Just keep it nice and moist and clean, and keep shaving it, and you will be OK.