Newb seeking info

Hello all, I have been considering electrolysis for some time now and am trying to learn as much as possible about the process and my options. I am very pale and head to toe covered in black fuzz. Because of my skin and hair tones I first considered laser removal but I’ve heard that it is not approved for permanent removal and I cant justify spending so much on something that only might work. My primary target right now is the hair on my legs and brazilian bikini. I am trying to estimate how long of sessions it generally takes to clear a pretty dense bikini. I have had both areas waxed many times and I was wondering if the damage to the follicle will (generally) make it take longer. The waxing has caused the hair on my legs to thin in some areas and even though the strands themselves are thick its not very dense or resilient. I’m mostly just looking for general information on the time and efficacy (per session, not over all) of electrolysis for someone with my hair type and history. Any comments are appreciated! Thanks!

Also, I live in Oxnard CA and would love suggestions for an electrologist in my area

Michael Bono in Santa Barbara, California! 40 miles from you.

So, I’m trying to weigh electrolysis against laser in pricing. Does anybody have an estimate on how long the first clearing for a dense bikini might take? Also has anyone heard of Marci Coffey in Camarillo or Hair Free Forever in Ventura? They’re a lot closer to me than Michael (although I do have his site bookmarked as a possibility.)

Michael can give you an estimate most likely and probably also a good estimate for total treatment time. He may also be able to recommend other electrologists closer to you specifically for bikini work.

Don’t bother trying to weigh them up. You have at least one great electrologist in your locality who will be able to get you 100% hair removal in the area. Laser can’t do the same.

As you can see, I have had Laser over an extended bikini. The results are good but if I had access to the electrologist I do now, I would have gone for electrolysis without a doubt. I still need to tidy up with electrolysis anyway.