New York regulations for laser hair removal

I have heard that a doctor does not need to perform the treatment but that a facility must have a medical director. Who is qualified to do laser hair removal treatments in the state of New York? Is there a website where I can see the regulations in writing? Is there a site that details the regs for all states? [color:“blue”] [/color]

this varies by state. in most states, an MD has to “supervise” which really doesn’t mean anything. most of the time, they’re not even in the building, just on paper or next door. what’s most important in LHR is experience of the tech. they don’t teach hair removal in med school. you need to find someone who is specifically experienced in hair removal and know what they’re doing, no matter what their certification is. operating the machine is not hard, it’s more about knowing how to best kill hair, set settings, etc. romeo&juliet in nyc and Lynda are 2 most recommended places i’ve heard of.

Hey about your question, from what I have seen I think New York and Tennesse are the only two states that do not require an MD to purchase and operate a laser. I checked this out like 5 months ago and I don’t know how current that info was, but I’m pretty sure it’s still valid. Are you thinking about buying a laser? Let me know if you are. Have a good one, Tex

Hi there this is Richard Cacace owner of Body Beautiful Spa and Laser Center in New York. Myself and my staff have been performing laser hair removal and other laser treatments since 1997. We have performed over 15000 treatments since then on all skin types. New York has no law that only requires doctors to perform treatments.
Richard Cacace CCE CLS
Body Beautiful Spa and Laser Center