New York electrolysis


             A Curtis-Certified Clinical Electrologist                 
             1663 Central Avenue, 
             Albany, NY 12205 
             (518) 869-5279 
             Albany Electrolysis 
             1663 Central Avenue, 
             Albany, NY 12205 
             (518) 869-5279 
             Curtis Electrolysis 
             125 Wolf Rd, 
             Colonie, NY 12205 
             (518) 459-4940 
             Nolan's Electrolysis Too 
             (518) 479-1522 
             Sorelle Electrolysis 
             10 McKown Road, 
             Albany, NY 12203 
             (518) 453-3611 
             New York City
             American                 Electrolysis Studio
             347 5th Avenue Suite 1207
             New York, N.Y. 10016

Berenice Electrolysis & Beauty Center Inc.
29 East 61 Street,
New York, NY 10021
(212) 355-7055

             Apple Electrolysis 
             1 W. 34th Street, Suite 306, 
             New York, NY 10001 
             (212) 868-4804 

Electrolysis By Maria and Eric
53 E 34th St,
New York, NY 10016
917 783 9428

Lynne’s Electrolysis Studio Inc
481 8th Ave, At 34th St,
Suite 1757,
New York, 10001
(212) 563-6515

             Mala Feit Electrolysis 
             57 West 57th Street, 
             QNew York, NY 10019 
             (212) 371-9135 
             (201) 475-0900 
             A Abracadabra Electrolysis 
             210 East 86th Street, 
             New York, NY 10028 
             (212) 585-2345 
             A Hollywood Way Electrolysis 
             1270 Broadway Suite 510, 
             New York, NY 10001 
             (212) 736-4925 
             Melania Andrei Skin Care &                 Electrolysis 
             104 East 40th Street, 
             New York, NY 10016 
             (212) 286-9324 
             A Sofia's Electrolysis 
             50 West 72nd Street, 
             New York, NY 10023 
             (212) 787-5949 
             A Abracadabra Electrolysis 
             210 East 86th Street, 
             New York, NY 10028 
             (212) 585-2345 
             A Lucia Electrolysis & Skin Care 
             501 5th Avenue, 
             New York, NY 10017 
             (212) 983-3481 
             Absolutely Clear Electrolysis & Skin                 Care 
             117 West 13 Street, 
             New York, NY 10011 
             (212) 243-2867 
             Apple Electrolysis 
             1 W. 34th Street, Suite 306, 
             New York, NY 10001 
             (212) 868-4804 
             Berenice Electrolysis & Beauty Center                 Inc. 
             29 East 61 Street, 
             New York, NY 10021 
             (212) 355-7055 
             Blum Brigitta Skin Care &                 Electrolysis 
             243 East 78th Street, 
             New York, NY 10021 
             (212) 861-0817 
             Body Waxing & Electrolysis by Paula                 Zdovc 
             20 East 68th Street, 
             New York, NY 10021 
             (212) 535-6878 
             Cosmetic Electrolysis, Maria Vega 
             119 W. 57 Fl 14 SU 1408, 
             New York, NY 10019 
             (212) 765-3214 
             Darrel Helene Shafran Electrolysis 
             303 5th Avenue, 
             New York, NY 10016 
             (212) 684-0013 
             Dawn Electrolysis 
             118 East 59th Street, 
             New York, NY 10022 
             (212) 935-2900 
             Deirdre Rafferty Electrolysis &                 Skincare 
             124 East 40th Street, 
             New York, NY 10016 
             (212) 661-7658 
             Electrolysis & Facials by RML 
             155 East 33rd Street, 
             New York, NY 10016 
             (212) 679-9720 
             Electrolysis By Maria 
             53 E 34th St, 
             New York, NY 10016 
             (917 783 9428
             Electrolysis by Evelyn Sobel 
             48 West 58th Street, 
             New York, NY 10019 
             (212) 838-0032 
             Elizabeth LISS CPE Electrolysis 
             171 Madison Avenue, 
             New York, NY 10016 
             (212) 213-4009 
             Expert Electrolysis 
             250 West 78th Street, 
             New York, NY 10024 
             (212) 769-3240 
             Iris TERI Electrolysis 
             123 West 79th Street, New York, NY 10024 
             (212) 874-4658 
             Lynne's Electrolysis Studio Inc 
             481 8th Ave, At 34th St, Suite 1757, 
             New York, 10001
             (212) 563-6515 
             Mala Feit Electrolysis 
             57 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019 
             (212) 371-9135 
             (201) 475-0900 
             Melania Andrei Skin Care &                 Electrolysis 
             104 East 40th Street, 
             New York, NY 10016 
             (212) 286-9324 
             Susan Davina Electrolysis & Skin Care                 
             39 West 56th Street, 
             New York, NY 10019 
             (212) 977-6768 


A Electrolysis Studio West
2105 West Genesee Street,
Syracuse, NY 13219
(315) 488-2333

             Electrolysis by Stefania 
             600 Whedon Road, 
             Syracuse, NY 13219 
             (315) 484-9360 
             Electrolysis Professionals 
             3312 James Street, 
             Syracuse, NY 13206 
             (315) 431-9580 
             Uptowne Image Electrolysis 
             419 Wolf Street, 
             Syracuse, NY 13208 
             (315) 422-1404 

Affordable Electrolysis
Kenneth Hay/Chellis Fetzer. 420 W24th Street #1E, New York, NY 10011 212-727-1850. 2 electrologists. Hours: By appointment only, closed Sunday. $60.00/hr, 2 hrs. or more at one time,each hr. $55.00. Thermolysis: 100%. Probes available: disposable, insulated, straight, bulbous, gold-plated. Chosen through: advertisement. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed. Wears gloves. [1 TG ref, 98-06-23]

Respondent Comments: Both Kenneth and Chellis are gay men who are extremely kind, caring individuals. They make you feel at ease and comfortable. Their office is immaculately clean and very private. I highly recommend their services. They have been in business 12 years and they have many TG clients.

Electrolysis Centre of New York

Michelle Nicol Townline Road New York, NY (516) 265 2666. 6 electrologists. 8am to 9pm By appointment only, closed Sunday. $65/hr. Blocks available–Discuss with Michelle, she’s very flexible. Thermolysis: 100%. Probes available: disposable, non-disposable, insulated, non-insulated, straight, gold-plated. Chosen through advertisement. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed. Wears gloves. [1 TG ref., 98-06-30]

Respondent Comments: Very friendly, helpful, and accomodating. However, I feel that my treatment time is a little longer than I would have liked. So far, I have had 260 hours of treatment and it is still taking me three hours per week to get clear. Overall, they are still one of the best in the area. I have worked with six different electrolgists in this organisation as I get the treatment through a barter arrangement. I usually take whoever is free, that way the technicians are making money when they would normally be waiting for a client. It also ensures that I don’t take up time that could be used for paying customers.

Electrolysis by Carol

Carol Lungo 882 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, NY 10710 Phone: (914)964-6720 E-mail: Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Weekday evenings, 8am-9pm weekends By appointment only. $50.00/hr. Thermolysis: 100%. Probes available: disposable, insulated, non-insulated, straight, tapered, gold-plated. Chosen through: non-TG referral. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed. Wears gloves.

Respondent Comments:

Work is done in her home, so my privacy was protected. I used to feel uncomfortable walking into an office with the big signs “Electrolysis” on it. [1 TG ref. 98-09-28]

Electrolysis Studio

Fran 905 Grand Blvd. Westbury, NY 11590 (516) 997-5578 E-mail: Weekdays 1-7 By appointment only. $55/hr., Blocks available at $250 for 5 hours. Thermolysis: 100%. Probes available: disposable, insulated, tapered, gold-plated. Wears gloves [1 TG ref. 98-09-13]

All About You Electrolysis

Rt. 6 & Bon Miller Road Wright Building Mahopac, NY 10541 (914) 628-0460. Day, Evening and Weekend Hours. Sterile, Disposable Probes. Call for Appointment to Come in for a Free Consultation. 20% off First Treatment (for new clients only) Member IGPE (97-10-06, aol)

Stephanie Fischman

Stephanie Fischman 530 East 84th Street New York, New York 10028 (212) 472-2491 Does thermolysis and work on men, women and transgendered persons

May 2003 update from owner:
I am transgendered and have been practicing for 13 years (my clientelle is mixed) I am known for my my speed AND accuracy. Not only do I aim to remove an entire beard permanantly, but endeavor to get the growth “managed” immediately, so that my clients can have the emotional comfort of leaving my place each time after a treatment without ANY hair on their faces.

I am available Mon. through Sat. 10am to 8pm
Charge $50 per hour ($40 per hour for multiple hours) by appt.
Use one piece insulated disposable probes
Practice Thermolysis

Just Between Us Electrolysis

  1. Electrologist contact information
    Electrologist name(s) Phyllis Langberg & Rebecca Weinstein
    Company name Just Between Us Electrolysis
    Address 1940 Commerce Street, Suite 307 A, Commerce Building
    City, State, ZipYorktown Heights, NY 10598
    Phone: (914) 232-8787

    1. Days open (put an X by applicable days)
      Monday through Friday 9am to 7:30pm, Saturday 9am to 4pm

    By appointment only? YES,
    We book appointments for the following session lengths:
    15 Minutes
    30 Minutes
    45 Minutes
    60 Minutes
    Our Cancellation Policy: Time is reserved exclusively for you. If you are unable to keep your appointment, kindly give us (at least) 24 hours notice. Otherwise a charge will be made for time reserved.
    We accept cash or checks. Please note that
    there is a fee for any returned checks.
    4. Electrologist treatment information
    Number of electrologists in office: 2
    Treatment with two electrologists simultaneously available? no
    Modality used (%)
    Type of probes available:
    ONLY USE DISPOSABLE insulated gold-plated or stainless steel
    Electrologist wears a mask: upon request if needed
    Electrologist wears gloves. ALWAYS DISPOSABLE
    We are a Mother-Daughter team of certified Electrologists, with over 13 years experience. Both graduates of the Berkowits School of Electrolysis in Forest Hills, NY
    Treating Women, Men, and Adolescents. We are also sensitive to the needs of our transgender clients. No case is ever considered too difficult.
    Our client‚s comfort and safety are our BIGGEST concern. For that reason we practice thermolysis (short wave method) <> using the newest computerized state of the art electrolysis equipment. We follow the standards set forth by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. Click Here For Our
    Safety Standards. <>
    level of professionalism and attention to detail has made us one of the highest recommended Electrologists in Westchester County. We service clients from, but not limited to: Amawalk, Chappaqua, Cold Spring, Croton, Fishkill, Garrison, Granite Springs, Katonah, Somers, Lincolndale, Mahopac, Mohegan Lake, Millwood, Mount Kisco, Ossining, Peekskill, Ridgefield, South Salem, Yorktown and Yorktown Heights.
    Our Electrolysis Studio is private. Situated in a Medical Professional Building, not in a Salon, it offers our clientele confidentiality and anonymity. We strive to create a comfortable environment, which allow our clients total relaxation during their treatment.
    We are Members of:
    American Electrology Association
    Electrolysis Referral Directory
    International Guild of Professional Electrologists
    NY Electrolysis Association


Richard’s Body Beautiful

Richard Cacace 241 E. 10th St. New York, NY 10003 (212) 614-1898 Special discounted rates for all TSs. Beard removal my specialty. Gay owned and operated. Large TS clientele. [1 TG ref. 99-01-12]

Lucy Peters International

Lucy Peters 150 EAST 58 Street N.Y.C., N.Y. 10155 (212) 486-9740 several electrologists. Hours: 9-5 By appointment only, weekdays. Hourly rate: $110.00 +Tax. Thermolysis: 100%. Probes available: non-disposable, insulated, bulbous, gold-plated. Chosen through: research. Free consultation . Wears gloves

Respondent Comments: they use flexible probes give written guarantee as to how many treatments to clear area. Cleared bottom lip in 5 hrs-- written warranty was they could do it in 8. Tried many other electrologist in nyc using blend,therm.,& galvanic,alas repetive treatments no clearing.

Sent 25 January 2004:

i want to share some information that i believe is valuable for the tg community.

i am a 52 year old mtf pre-op. i have a long way to go, emotionally and physically, before i complete transition. however, i have overcome the obstacle of facial hair in a remarkably short time period. the usual pain associated with the treatment was greatly reduced, and managable with a mild pain reliever prescribed by my physician. i even fell asleep during the sessions.

i feel that my experience is so positive, that i must share the information with others in the tg community.

lucy peters in ny is one office of many nationwide. an internet search will locate their offices. the method, and the machine used, are exclusively the property of lucy peters. you do have lucy peters listed on your site. their method, and the skill of their operators, is remarkable. i know that they removed anywhere from 20-30 hairs every minute, and that the removal has been permanent. the rate was consistent over a period of hours. that would average out at 1200 to 1800 hairs removed per hour, or 7,200 to10,800 hairs for a standard 6 hour session.

i had previously received treatment using the galvanic method - about 15 years ago. the failure of the treatment to permanently remove the hair essentially stopped a previous attempt to transition. i gave up, and went into denial. i was able to grow a very full beard and moustache. that is essentially how i started treatment at lucy peters.

lucy peters is not cheap. you pay $65 for a half hour session. personally, i paid for full hours at $115 per hour. below is a schedule of dates and times i spent receiving treatment. cost up to now is approximately $3800.00, including taxes.

nov 22, 2003 - 6.5 hours, mostly neck
dec 6, 2003 - 4 hours, neck, 1/2 hour on upper lip
dec 11, 2003 - 6 hours, neck, lower jaw, 1/2 hour upper lip
jan 3, 2004 - 5 hours, lower jaw, neck maintenance, 1/2 hour upper lip
jan 17, 2004 - 4.5 hours, neck and jaw maintenance, upper chin, 1 hour upper lip - (lip cleared)
jan 24, 2004 - 6 hrs, after 1 week no shaving - 1 hour maintenance on lip, neck, jaw, and chin, strip both cheeks to hairline at ears.

the treatments cleared entire areas, leaving minor irritation and no scars. generally, saturday teatment was barely noticeable on mondays. calamine lotion dried and camoflaged treatment areas. by wednesday, the effects of the treatments were entirely gone. essentially, i have undergone the first clearing in under 40 hours. i will have to allow for longer periods of growth, perhaps two treatments at a month apart, at 4 hours each, before starting a “maintenance” schedule of treatment.

using lucy peters, the time spent obtaining results that a tg individual could live and work with has been drastically reduced from the time period you have previously estimated. I believe that your estimates are correct for “standard” electrologists, they just don’t apply to lucy peters method. by the way, i understand that the team at “electrology 2000” are lucy peters trained. they branched out, and use novocaine to reduce pain. they supposedly offer similar results, but they do not have the machine used at lucy peters. i cannot speak about regrowth or anything else concerning their methods, but they were, supposedly, trained by the best - lucy peter’s sister elaine.

in any event, the absence of pain and scarring, and the speed of treatment, make lucy peters more than worth the money.(by the way, i am not wealthy and am on a tight budget) mostly, the office caters to new york’s wealthy (and famous) women. the management and staff are very friendly and professional, and have shown me the utmost courtesy and compassion as a transgendered woman. one big problem is finding open time periods (particularly on weekends) for the extended treatment sessions that a transgendered person would require. they are pretty fully booked months in advance. i don’t believe the new york office could accomodate more than one transgended person in any given time period. i hesitated to share my experience for this reason. so i’m selfish! at this point, i feel i have gotten far enough along where i will not have to compete with another transgendered person for time with the operators.

all said, i have had experience with other methods and electrologists. none compare. i don’t work for lucy peters. they have been operating with their patented system for over 20 years. there is an alternative to conventional electrology, it really works, and tg women should be informed.

Angela Lauria

Angela Lauria 632 Ridge Rd. Webster, NY 14580 716-671-9440 Number of electrologists: 1. Days of operation: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, morning, afternoon, evening By appointment only. Hourly rate: $32.00. Modality used on respondent: Thermolysis: 100%. Types of probes available: disposable, non-disposable, non-insulated. Chosen through: TG referral. Free consultation

Respondent Comments: Angela is very pleasant and personable with many years of experience. I’ve seen two people cleared by her and they look fine - no scarring at all. [1 TG ref 99-02-09]

Executive Image Services LLC/ Executive Clearance Electrolysis

James W. Walker VII CPE & Karlyn M. Kasperek

2242 Genesee Street, Buffalo/Cheektowaga NY 14211 phone 716-897-4247(897-HAIR) website:

Hours are by appointment, but Monday through Friday 9 - 9 are standard. Walkins are welcome, but can not be guaranteed without at least a phone call. 2 electrologists available, and double treatments are available. We often treat the face and body simultaneously. Thermolysis, Galvanic, and Blend Modalities are available and used based on client need and preference. All probes used are disposable and straight, we carry insulated, non-insulated-stainless-steel, and gold probes. Electrologists wear masks & gloves. All consultations are free and are followed by 30 free minutes of actual electrology treatment. Certification and Training documents are openly displayed in the waiting room of the office.

Owner comment: “Executive Image Services and Executive Clearance Electrology is higly visible and has high reccomendations from Greater Buffalo’s Trans Community, and other Alternative Lifestyle organizations. We have been asked to do radio show guest spots and interviews. We also do limited target marketing in weekly news papers and have plans to do some TV work in the near future.”

Respondent 1: "Is very popular with the TS crowd in Buffalo. Better price if you do hours at a time. Does Genital clearing. "

Respondent 2: “I would like to say James Walker of Executive Image Services (in the Buffalo, NY area) is TG friendly and dedicated. I have had two other electrologists in the past and Mr. Walker is the most knowledgeable as well as using a machine that provides the most comfortable hair removal I have had to date. He has recently appeared at a Buffalo Belles monthly meeting to explain his service. At the current time, 6 Belles are using or have used his services. I have had 19 hours of work done by Mr. Walker and his partner and will continue working with him until I am finished.”

Susan Di Giacinto
Date: 31 Jul 2001

I am a electrolygist in Manhattn who has a large clintelle of transgender patrons.We have 4 electroygist operators. We offer massage ,waxing & permanent cosmtics.We are opened 6 days a week 10 am - 8pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday 10am - 5 pm.We would like to be added to the list of electrolsis in NY.Thanks, I will gladly make a donation to your site.

A American Electrolysis Studio
Vijay Khanna
Address 347 5th Avenue, Suite # 1207 (12th floor) New York, N.Y. 10016
Phone # 212-689-3254
2. Days open
Sunday X
Monday X
Tuesday X
wednesday X
Thursday X
Friday X
Saturday X
3. Hours: By Appointment Only
4. Number of electrologists in office: one (personal touch) one on one basis
Modality used: Shortwave
Type of probes available: I use top of the line Ballet insulated , disposable probes. I wear mask and gloves. I have free consulation and do a free 5 minute trial session. i have many testimonials of happy clients displayed and training/membership documents as well.
The rates are 15 minutes - 20 dollars,
30 " 35 "
45 " 50 "
60 " 70 "
I do offer blocks if paid for 5 sessions in advance the rate is 60 dollars an hour.

A Satin Touch, Inc.
Beverly T. Lewis
75 Millwood Road Suite #1
Millwood, NY 10549
Open: Tues. thru and including Saturday.
Tues & Thurs. eves.
Single Practice
Insulated Bulbous Probes exclusively
Technician Wears Mask and Gloves.
Found by Advertisement
Consultation was Free
Hairs were successfully treated.
Cert. and Licensed in 3 States (Hi, Fla. & NY)
Documents and Many Certifications and Affiliations displayed.
Also Licensed in NYS for Infection Control.
Technician was a pre med major who operates practice as a medical professional.
Sympathetic, open & understanding to transgendered individuals.
Successful, clean removal.

Susan Nasta, L.E.
Licensed Electrologist
368 South Plank Road (Route 52)
Newburgh, NY 12550
(845) 567 3381

Massachusetts State Board Licensed - Graduate from the New England Institute of Electrolysis (1100 hour course), highly skilled in the latest computerized Apilus Technology using the Thermolysis, Blend & Galvanic Modalities. Strict Sterilization standards practiced; only disposable probes used in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Servicing Women, Men, Teens and Transgender clientele.

$65.00 per hour. Appointment Only.

Discounted Package Rates Available. Senior Citizen Discounts.

Complimentary 20-Minute Treatment with Consultation for new clients
Number of electrologists in office: One licensed Electrologist

All 3 modalities used: Thermolysis, Galvanic, Blend
Type of probes available:
Electrologist wears gloves - Yes - Masks available

A Gentle Touch Electrolysis

Christina Towers
Address : 6 Xavier Dr. suite 214 Bx N.Y. 10704
Phone: 914-377-1177 718-231-1313

  1. Days open (put an X by applicable days)
    Sunday x
    Monday x
    Tuesday x
    Wednesday x
    Thursday x
    Friday x

  2. Hours 9 am__ to 7 pm___By appointment only?

  3. Electrologist treatment information Number of electrologists in office: 1

Treatment with two electrologists simultaneously available? none Modality used (%)
Thermolysis x

Type of probes available:
disposable x
insulated x
gold-plated x
multi-needle galvanic

Electrologist wears a mask. yes
Electrologist wears gloves. yes

How you chose your electrologist: Non-TG referral x


Was consultation free? yes

Were hairs treated? yes Were certification/training documents displayed. yes

  1. Please state your opinion about this electrologist:

out of all the electrologist that i had been treated by, and there had been a lot prior to this one she is outstanding.

Joy S. Anzarouth

Joy S. Anzarouth, C.P.E. Board Certified Electrologist
315 West 55th Street Suite #LD New York, NY 10019 (917) 670-6878

I am a board certified electrologist in New York City. I have been practicing for almost 12 years. Over the years I have treated some transgender clients successfully. I have always found my work very gratifying as I know what it meant to me to have a talented electrologist who was sensitive to my feelings about my unwanted hair.

I specialize in “difficult cases” - that is to say, hair that is particularly challenging. I am located in the theater district in New York City. My office is private and immaculate. Rates are negociable for on-going treatment.

Respondent comment: If anyone is looking for an electrolygist who is flexible, good humored, welcoming and socially conscious while at the same time being absolutely, scientifically perfect about getting rid of your unwanted hair… AND truly enjoys her job—Go see the very aptly named, Joy—She’s the BEST!!! (25 Feb 2004)

Preferred Image Studio

Igor 2305 Coney Island Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11223 Phone: (718)376-6969 e-mail:
2. Days open: 7 days.
3. Hours: Flexible including nights and weekends
By appointment only? Yes

Number of electrologists in office: 1
Modality used:

Type of probes available:

Electrologist wears a mask. Optional
Electrologist wears gloves. Yes

Was consultation free? Yes
Were hairs treated? Yes
Were certification/training documents displayed? Yes (self-referral March 2004)


I’m just updating with the new location and phone number.
Preferred Image Studio has moved to the CITY!

234 5th Ave., Suite 516
New York, NY 10001

Would it be possible to add my practice to your list of electrologist in New York, NY?

Sheela-Marie Electrolysis
185 West End Avenue, 29K
New York, NY 10023

Thanks…All the best…Sheela-Marie

Great thread, thank you for putting this together Andrea. In doing a ‘find all’ for the word “beard” here, I came across “Richard’s Body Beautiful” listing. However, per Yelp, it looks like his location is closed… also his domain is down… just wanted to point that out.